paradigm shifter

Paradigm Shifter is a trance track using my poem empty sockets and my shakuhachi piece Kokoriko. Platinum Butterfly is a psytrance producer from the Netherlands. Thanks Frank!

empty sockets was written as far back as 2004 when it appeared in Teresa D Long Hawkes’ The Oracular Tree website. It was included in my 2006 collection micromacro.

In the steam train at Darjeeling station


My latest publication in fourW New Writing twenty six. fourW has been good to me – it’s the third consecutive year that my work’s been published by Wagga Wagga Writers Writers and its editor David Gilbey (speaking in tongues in 2014 and retired banker in a nursing home, 2013) with my first one Redback spider (male) being published way back in 2005. As David Gilbey says in the editorial:

What’s so special about fourW?” as if its particularity is somehow not immediately obvious: arising out of a quarter of a century’s advocacy for writing – from Wagga Wagga, a regional city half-way between Sydney and Melbourne, on another axis between Brisbane and Adelaide. fourW is inevitably distinctive, idiosyncratic due to its location, its contributions, its (some would say) quaint/quirky presence – we could invoke Gerard Manley Hopkins here and trumpet fourW’s ‘inscape.’ ”

It’s good to be sharing the book with local poets Rory Harris, Jill Jones and Jules Leigh Koch (as well as a lot of renowned poets from all over Australia.) Thanks to fourW for publishing my work one more time – long may you continue as a regional promoter of Australian writers!


way down south

I’d like to express my appreciation to Poetry on the Fleurieu for having me as Feature Poet at the Signal Point Art Gallery Theatrette at Goolwa yesterday. It gave me half an hour to present a retrospective of my work from all of my collections from 2005 to 2016 (yes I read a few poems which won’t be seen until my Ginninderra collection is released early next year!)  Thanks to Alexandrina Council and Friendly Street for their support of poetry in the South, to Nigel Ford for inviting me and the opportunity to hear talented local poets.

my residency

Rob Walker - 4Thanks to the Adelaide City Library and Spoken Word SA for my successful residency at the library throughout November. I used the time to familiarize myself with the facilities, meet and get feedback from the patrons and do a weekly performance of some of my work on the theme of “Lost & Found”, culminating in a final performance of new work. The audience was given a booklet of my new work to take away.

The new work (including accompanying original music and slideshow) will be added to the library’s digital collection. I was also guest blogger for the Adelaide Reads website for the month of November on the theme of Lost Manuscripts. Thanks to Shane, Ilona, Zhi and all the anonymous patrons who contributed in some way to my poems. Thanks too to the incredibly helpful library staff – in particular Jo, Peter, Gemma, Pru, Patricia, Luke & Dave.IMG_5870 IMG_5868 IMG_5867 IMG_5866 IMG_5865 IMG_5864 IMG_5863 IMG_5861 IMG_0030 49-lost-and-found-2