Onlymeith’s remix of Crying at the poetry reading.

Onlymeith is Carlos Clemente  from Madrid.

His production of my poem crying at the poetry reading is beautiful in its simplicity – the lone cello, beautiful use of pauses for emphasis, the blended piano and strings which give the listener time to reflect on the words without schmaltziness.

Onlymeith’s other mixes of my work are Twins and The aching eyes.


crying at the poetry reading.

there is a poet crying. she read her poem earlier.

now it is not her turn to read. it’s her time to cry.


perhaps the cheap cardboard wine loosened a sad memory,

sent it spilling onto the floor, a moan leaking from her eyes.


the other poets ignore her, embarrassed. dictionaries with hair.

bower birds of words. after all, she’s had her turn.


besides, they prefer their emotions to be distilled to an essence,

boiled away to leave a black residue on white paper.

© rob walker, 2011.


First published in Red River Review (US), Nov, 2011

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