Finding my Achilles heel





(The photo by Marc Hollembeak comes from Issue 23 of Concelebratory Review.)



The Concelebratory Shoehorn Review is a poetry blog run by Maurice Oliver. I don’t actually remember ever submitting poems to him. I guess he just trawls the web and posts anything that appeals to him. Anyway, he’s posted a very unusual selection of my stuff (some dates back to mid-90s.)
Ode to an elevator
A forty nine year old child sees his first bumblebee
Bob Fox
Collateral Language
The Dream of Wearing Shorts Hardly Ever.

It’s not what I would have picked, but it’s mine and I don’t disown any of my work, even if it isn’t what I’d say or the way I’d say it now! Actually I find myself in quite good company, so we’ll forget about the royalties and the litigation…

Hieronymous Bosch and The Everyday Apocalypse


On a very hot last Thursday evening I went along to the joint launch of Amelia Walker’s Just Your Everyday Apocalypse and Graham Catt’s The Hieronymous Bosch Shopping Mall. I really like the work of both of these poets (I’ll review them later) and it was especially enjoyable to hear them perform their own work and be introduced by Mike Ladd and Kate Deller-Evans.
It was a very belated ‘launch’ for Hieronymous. My copy was signed two years ago!
I seem to recall that my bibliophobia (also published by Rob Riel’s Picaro Press) came out at about the same time and Graham & I did a swap and I quoted from the book on Christmas Eve of 07 on the
old website.

I never did get around to launching mine…
Graham used the launch to piggy-back two more titles The Inverted World (Picaro Press Wagtail # 84) and an hilarious self-produced mini-chapbook detailing his disastrous New Zealand ‘holiday’ of 07 entitled Travelling Backwards – Lost in New Zealand, soon to be downloadable from his



Amelia’s Just Your Everyday Apocalypse is her second solo collection – and I think her best to date. It’s a wonderful mix of styles from narrative to self-reflective through experimental and surreal to word-sketched portraits and concrete poems. Review to come. If you can’t wait, look here.









As well as being a cool launch, it was a great chance to have a yarn with a whole lot of other poets i hadn’t seen since before the Japan adventure – Louise Nicholas, Elaine Barker, Mike Ladd, Jude Aquilina, David Mortimer, Stan ‘Shen’ Sim, Alice Sladdin, Jules Leigh Koch and probably a few more the Coopers has dislodged from my neurons.
More on the poetry later…