Happy2 (Pure Slush Vol. 15)

short fiction The Question

(Pure Slush Books, Jan, 2018)

ISBN: 9781925536393


fourW twenty-eight New Writing 2017

short fiction: Tommy Ruff

four W Press, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Nov, 2017

ISBN 9780994202031



Short and Twisted

poem for my late friend

(Celapene Press, 2017.)

ISBN: 9781925572094 (paperback)

ISBN: 9781925572100 (ebook : epub)

ISBN: 9781925572117 (ebook : kindle)


Tamba – A selection of poetry and prose

poem Paddock bathtub

(ed. Pat Patt, Goulburn Valley Writers Group Inc, Shepparton, Vic)

Issue #60, Autumn/ winter 2017

ISSN 1038-085X


New Shoots anthology

Poems Wheels on Fire and Banksia ericifolia

Ed. Ella Skilbeck-Porter, Sydney Royal Botanic Garden/ Red Room Company/ Rochford Street Review ISBN 978-0-6480816-0-9

May, 2017


‘Inane’ Pure Slush Vol. 14

poem positive feedback

Pure Slush Books, May 2017

ISBN 9781925536171


Worlds in Words – Friendly Street Reader #41

(ed. Edie Eicas & David Harris)

poems crabbing from James Well to Rogues Point and

Lines written on the train between Himeji and Shirohamanomiya

ISBN 978-0-9944050-2-9


Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016 – An Anthology

Lane Cove Library

Local Studies Monograph No. 26

Lane Cove NSW

ISBN 978-0-949622-41-2

(travel story) lost in trainstation 


Shaping the Fractured Self : Poetry of Chronic Illness and Pain

(ed. Heather Taylor Johnson )

radiology (with Maggie Ball)

extra-corporeal shockwave therapy,


University of Western Australia Press, May 2017

ISBN 1742589316, 9781742589312


Australian Poetry Anthology Vol 5, 2016

poem Remains

(Ed: Lisa Gorton and Toby Fitch)

ISSN 2203-3608


Food, Wine and Fleurieu – Langhorne Creek Writers’ Festival Anthology 2016

The drive to work (poem)

ISBN:  978-0-9925421-6-0


‘Freak’ Pure Slush Vol. 13

Toppin’ y’self (short story/ prose poem)

(Dec 2016)

e-book:  ISBN  978-1-925536-16-4

paperback:       978-1-925536-15-7


Best Australian Science Writing 2016

radiology (a poetic collaboration with Magdalena Ball)

(ed. Jo Chandler) UNSW Press, November 2016)

ISBN 9781742235035 (paperback)

9781742242606 (ebook)

9781742248059 (epdf)


fourW #27 New Writing 2016

short story The River

(ed. David Gilbey) fourW Press, Wagga Wagga, NSW

978-0-9942020-2-4     BUY


Melaleuca Blue

The first day (memoir) in Do nuns wear knickers? – True stories of school life and what we really learned.

(ed. Kari O’Gorman), Melaleuca Blue Publishing, 2016. ISBN 9780992400248


Lane Cove Literary Awards 2015 – An Anthology

Oregon (poem)

Lane Cove Library

Local Studies Monograph No. 25

Lane Cove NSW

ISBN 978-0-949622-40-2




Many eyes, many voices: Friendly Street Poets 40

(ed. Murray Alfredson & Margaret Clark),

June 2016 Friendly Street Poets Inc

PO Box 3637 Norwood SA 5067

ISBN 978-0-9944050-1-2


speaking in tongues




fourW twenty six New Writing (ed. David Gilbey)

four W press, Wagga Wagga NSW, 2015

ISBN 978-0-9942020-1-7

In the steam train at Darjeeling station



Silver singing streams: Friendly Street Poets 39

(ed. Kalicharan Nigel  Day and Geoff Hastwell)

Friendly Street Poets, Sept, 2015)

ISBN 978-0-9944050-0-5

a clarity of smog

the politician


War Music and other poems –

a selection by South Australian poets


Albert’s Armistice

Southern-Land Poets, Garron Publishing

(Anzac Day 2015)



ABC books/ Harper Collins

In Their Branches – Stories from ABC RN’s Trees Project (ed. Gretchen Miller)

Looking up (poem)

(March, 2015)

ISBN 978 0 7333 3384 6 (hardbook)     ISBN 978 1 4607 0427 1 (ebook)




The Stars like Sand : Australian speculative poetry

an accident waiting to happen

(ed Tim Jones, P S Cottier &  Dr David P Reiter )

Interactive Publications

(April 2014)

ISBN 9781922120786 (paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1922120786 (ebook)


fourW twenty four NEW WRITING 2013 (ed. David Gilbey)

poem retired banker in a nursing home

Wagga Wagga NSW

ISBN 978-0-9586759-0-1



Short and Twisted 2013

English Class 2

(Celapene Press, Knoxfield Vic)

ISSN: 1834-7584

ISBN: 978-0-9873677-4-7 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-9873677-5-4 (ebook)


Best Australian Poems 2012

(Ed. John Tranter) Black Inc

crying at the poetry reading

ISBN 9781863955812


Metabolism: Australian Poetry Members Anthology 2012

why I didn’t go to mike ladd’s 50th birthday party

(ed: Libby Hart, David Adès, Vanessa Jones, ‘Danny’ Charles Lovecraft, Tim Metcalf, John Pfitzner, Heather Taylor Johnson, Susie Utting, Lyn Vellins)

ISBN 9780987176509

free ebook


Mitchell Park 2000

(ed. Les Murray)

Quadrant Books, ISBN 9780980677867 (hardback)

First published 2012.

Between the sheets

(18 short stories from the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Awards, ed. David Vernon)


Stringybark Publishing, Smashwords edition (Mar 2012)

Hard-copy edition, (April 2012) ISBN: 978-1-4659-2532-9



The Autistic Boy

Ed: Ken Vincent & Jude Aquilina, Ginninderra Press

ISBN: 9781740276993  


Short and Twisted 2011

Running out of time (short story)

Celapene Press, Knoxfield, VIC 3180

ISBN 978-0-9806994-4-9

ISSN 1834-7584


earthly matters

Biology & Geology

(ed. Brook Emery and Victoria Haritos, NSW Poets Union)


ISBN: 1-4010-4120-5 (Trade Paperback)

ISBN: 1-4010-4121-3 (eBook)


friendly street poetry readers # 28 – #39

Wakefield Press


UNO – A poetry anthology

(ed. Verian Thomas, 4/10/2002, Comrade Press, London)

Buffalo Grass

Emmaus (Heads in the clouds)

ISBN: 1-4010-4120-5 (Trade Paperback)

ISBN: 1-4010-4121-3 (eBook)

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