my city secret

Some time in 2007 when I was very depressed about the state of Australian society and poetry in general and the sales of micromacro in particular, I wrote this rambling dirge called at the experimental art foundation. Amazingly, the editors of cordite have selected it for their latest edition Secret Cities. Incredible. Even when we writers are down we surprise ourselves…

I share the honour of publication with Ban’ya Natsuishi, Alice White, DJ Huppatz, Leah KaminskyEmma Rooksby, Sam Byfield, Fleur Beaupert, Rob Morrow, Aidan Fadden, Jeff Klooger, Rose Hunter, Alamgir Hashmi, William Doreski, Liam Ferney, Stuart Cooke, Sarah French, Benito Di Fonzo, Linda Godfrey, Andrew Burke, Nick Powell, Lia Hills, Jennifer Compton, James Stuart, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Margaret Owen Ruckert, Ivy Alvarez, Cameron Brockmann, Bev Braune, Joanne Johns, Sarah Jane Barnett,  S. K. Kelen and  Nancy Anne Miller.

Thankyou once again to the cordite team for its efforts in promoting Australian contemporary poetry.