the song of an onsen

This one was written after we stayed at Taisho Pond, Kamikochi, Japan. I decided to record it as a spoken-word piece with my own shakuhachi and the beautiful piano of my ccmixter friend Doxent.

It appeared in Australian Poetry Journal 4.2 (digital works) earlier this year. It’s one of 25 spoken word pieces you can hear by clicking the “listen” button in the bookbar above.

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video poem

Screen shot 2015-07-21 at 7.08.58 AM

This is a grab from Bibliophobia, a video collaboration with my son Ben which won the Newcastle Poetry Prize (New Media) in 2009.

I put it up now because recently I’ve been adding many of my collaborations with other artists to the blog .

If you’d like to see the video, use the drop-down menu in the bookbar above:

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I’ve been documenting my work since 2006 so there’s a lot of stuff hiding in that bookbar!

an accident with Kara Square

This is a collaboration I did with the very talented Kara Square on ccMixter – now uploaded to YouTube. It’s a mash of my An accident waiting to happen (now in my tropeland collection) and Kara’s Spinning. (The harp-like intro and outro is actually my ukulele recorded in the English teachers’ lounge in a quiet moment at Shikama Senior High in 2012!)

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(Thanks to Moira Waugh and Sam Bass for sending me this pic from Florida!)