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Bluepepper poetry

not hearing myself on the radio



Red River Review

poems curtains and

Venus and the moon.

May, 2018 issue


Rochford Street Review

 Launch Speech for Amelia Walker’s Dreamday collection


Adelaide InDaily (28/02/18)

poems Yorke Peninsula

and   Dawn, Old Echuca Wharf

Poems: lime green paddocks and river red gums


Bluepepper poetry

poem free in philadelphia



New Shoots anthology

Poems Wheels on Fire and Banksia ericifolia

Ed. Ella Skilbeck-Porter, Sydney Royal Botanic Garden/ Red Room Company/ Rochford Street Review ISBN 978-0-6480816-0-9

May, 2017


Inane – Pure Slush Vol. 14

(poem) positive feedback

Pure Slush Books, May 2017

ePub / Kindle / Kobo / iBooks


LiNQ 2016

Horses of childhood (a suite of poems)

Vol 42 “Place, Past and Perspective”

Jan, 2017


‘Freak’ Pure Slush Vol. 13

Toppin’ y’self (short story/ prose poem)

(Dec 2016)

e-book:  ISBN:  978-1-925536-16-4

(also in paperback: ISBN: 978-1-925536-15-7)


Tincture Journal

re: flux

Issue Sixteen, Summer 2016

ISBN 978-0-9943503-5-0 ISSN 2201-7593

Editor: Daniel Young. Poetry Editor: Stuart Barnes


Loud Zoo #18

Sep, 2016

reintarnation (a collaboration with Magdalena Ball)  text     audio


blue pepper

Aug 17, 2016

confected outrage


Transnational Literature

Vol 8 No 2 (May 2016)

lines written on the train between Himeji and Shirahama (prose poem)


Medical Journal of Australia

Vol 204, Issue 7 (18 April 2016)

radiology (a collaborative poem with Magdalena Ball)



Generic Trump Rally




Gastronaut – Radio Adelaide.

Interview and three poems ‘lemonsong‘, ‘the saffron rice‘ and ‘soursop‘.



InDaily Poets’ Corner

Monkey Puzzle and Bunya (two poems)



InDaily Poets’ Corner

Clearview (poem)



Zodiac Review

cold caller (prose poem)




Earshot: Pocketdocs

The First Day (audio short memoir)



blue pepper

sinister minister (poem)

(September 2015)


blue pepper

insignificance (poem)

Margaret Thatcher (poem)

(July 2015)



The fresh people food (poem)

(April 2015)



Civility (a spoken essay)

Ockham’s Razor, ABC Radio National




Australian Poetry Journal Members Anthology 3

a clarity of smog (poem)

yama reflecting   (video poem)

(March 2015)




memory of Japanese moonviewing (poem)

(March 2015)


Verity La

Bo peep (short story)

(April 2015)



Na Cl (poem)




Australian Poetry Journal 4.2

song of an onsen (audio poem)

poem & shakuhachi: rob walker. piano: doxent




Transnational Literature

7 haiku (poems)

Cigarette (very short story)

Volume 7 Issue 1

(Nov 2014)


Illya’s Honey Spring 2014

…from the list of children… (poem)

(p 47)



Red River Review

my poetry blog (poem)

(Nov 2014, p 58)


InDaily (online Adelaide Independent newspaper)

Paperclips (poem)




Red River Review 50th anniversary issue

clearview (poem)

(Feb 2014)


Bewildering Stories

Mirrored image (short story)

Issue #566

(April, 2014)



foam:e #11

a clarity of smog (poem)

(March, 2014)



Cordite Poetry Review: Gondwanaland

Norfolk Island Pine (poem)


Transnational Literature

ashita/ tomorrow  (poem)       

Vol. 6 No. 1

(Nov, 2013)


Cordite Poetry Review: Masque

Against the grain (poem)

I think the worst is over now



Retired banker in a nursing home

Vietnamese Dragons (poems)

(Vol XIV No. 2, Summer 2013)



Four and Twenty

Blue wren (poem)

Vol 6 Issue 4

(April, 2013)


Transnational Literature

Celibacy, Tolerance, Time    (short story)                                                                                                                                              

Vol. 5 No. 2

(May, 2013)



Red River Review

Original clichés (an accident waiting to happen + cliché antiverse) (poems)

(November, 2012)


Transnational Literature

the city becomes a painting (poem)

Vol. 5 No. 1

(November, 2012)

Between the sheets

(18 short stories from the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Awards, ed. David Vernon)


Stringybark Publishing, Smashwords edition, Mar 2012. See iTunes


The Cortland Review

watching my blind cat (poem)

(Feb, 2012)


LiNQ journal

flow-on effect

(May/ Oct 2006)

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