a better world


Thanks to onlymeith for this beautiful production of A better world. I like the way he not only leaves plenty of space for the effect of the words, but also time for the listener to reflect.

A better world was first published in

FRIENDLY STREET POETRY READER # 35  Sorcerers and Soothsayers (ed. John Pfitzner & Tracey Korsten) Friendly Street Poets / Wakefield Press  ISBN 978 1 86254 962 3  AUS, 2011

The words are on Sandra Thibodeaux’ blog HERE.

i. m. Stephen Lawrence




I’ve been shocked to learn through Heather Taylor-Johnson that Stephen Lawrence has died suddenly in Adelaide. Steve was an accomplished writer in many forms. He’s been a speechwriter, media/ publications / project officer for the SA government, poet and editor. It was Stephen who selected my sparrow in an airport manuscript for Friendly Street’s New Poets Ten – my first collection –  and he continued to take an interest in my writing career. I admired his intelligence and enjoyed his quiet courtesy and self-deprecating sense of humour.




My condolences to Steve’s wife Celine and two children. Stephen will be sadly missed by many.

the cat came back

I’ve been experimenting with “loops of strings” – mostly cello – to build a track I called “forlorn.” It seemed to work well with my poem watching my blind cat so I’ve mixed it myself. (You can hear other mixes of the same poem by Speck and Victor Frias on ccmixter.org) Thanks to Helen Money and ljova for the interesting string samples.