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phobiacover401The latest Max_Mo track uploaded is “Small Stuff” (klik HEAR.) I wrote this poem as Sesquipedalophobia (such a long word for ‘the fear of long words’ – and a cruel one for sesquipedalophobics…) I gave myself the challenge of constructing a poem of single syllables, from a phobic’s POV. It was part of my 2007 phobiaphobia collection.
But now the Max_Mo boys have given it a whole new dimension. I love it.

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bodyless Steve and headless Amelia

(bodyless Steve and headless Amelia)

Recently I’ve been involved in an innovative words & beats collaboration with local poets Amelia Walker and Mike Ladd and musos Steve Matters (composer, multi-instrumentalist, programming/mixing), Andy Mills (drums) and Derek Pascoe (tenor sax). We have no idea yet where this cooperative might lead, but I’m pretty excited by the results so far:




( to hear any title, click HERE)

Intimate Talk (Mike Ladd)
Re-Union and Botanic (Amelia Walker)
Tupperware and Plympton gopher (rob walker)


More tracks and background on the musos later…