Waiting for the Vaccine (Rob’s shakuhachi)

Lanthorn flies (Rob’s piano)

Kava Dawn

rob: processed shakuhachi

Stefan Kartenberg – drums
Martijn de Boer – bass
Javolenus – e-piano chords
coruscate – vocaloid
spinningmerkaba – guitar
IDzeroNo – synth swell
debbizo – guitar/vocal hit (edited)

Apoxode- production


Even after all this time with Speck (Rob’s shakuhachi)


The winter of my days w. Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Real sky lie with Magmavander (Rob’s ukulele as churango)


Jazz Walker with Stefan Kartenberg & others (Rob’s rap)


Hosed-down (sakura mix) (Rob’s experimental koto, raslebe’s production)


The Slap with Greg Baumont (Rob’s harmonica, Greg’s slap bass)


Gravity Waves Back with airtone (Rob’s ukulele)


On the rebound with MC Jackinthe box (hip hop with Rob’s wah-wah shakuhachi)


Memory loss with Gurdonark (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Dear Present & Departed (Rob’s harmonica over Martijn’s bass composition)


Rain praise with MC Jackinthe box (Rob’s shakuhachi and harmonica)


Winter comes. Autumn leaves with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Noto no koto with Jeris (Rob’s koto & shakuhachi, Jeris’ kora/ percussion/ production)



Dear Moon with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Vary-eyed w. airtone (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Watch this space with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachi)


By the river w. airtone: keyboards, panu: vocals, Javolenus: guitars & Rob: shakuhachi & harmonicas


Goodbye Alice Springs with Javolenus (Rob’s shakuhachi, Javo’s guitar)


Yama as Paradise Unrealized with speck, AbireSeiche and MyFree Mickey


69 – Isn’t it good? with Javolenus, NiGiD (Martijn de Boer) (Rob’s harmonicas)


Stormchaser with Martijn de Boer and Javolenus (Rob’s shakuhachi and harmonicas)


CO2 with airtone (Rob’s harmonica)


Shogun (Rob’s koto with Doxent’s percussion & bass)


Sometimes a man with speck


Painting in the sky by numbers with Doxent, Dave Merrick & Martijn de Boer (piano, mix, mastering: Doxent
tenor sax: Dave Merrick
bass: Martijn de Boer
shakuhachi: Rob Walker


In two minds with Doxent (piano) & Rob (shakuhachi)



Two other minds with Doxent (piano), Rob (harmonicas)


Fourthought with Doxent (piano), Rob (harmonicas)


Six-minded with Doxent (piano), Rob (harmonicas & shakuhachis)


Love shak samba with Javolenus, NiGiD, dapower & Rob’s koto & shakuhachi


…as the small gods silently wept… (Wild Ant: soprano sax, tabla. Rob: kotos, shakuhachis)


Alone in the dark by Keytronic (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Some kill with minimal art, Malcolm Lambe and spinningmerkeba (Rob’s shakuhachi)


In yr eye with rocavaco, kirkoid, Javolenus & Hector Thillet (Rob’s shakuhachis)



Kinda green with doxent (piano), stefsax (tenor) & Rob (shakuhachi)


Oliver’s lullaby with Doxent (piano) & Rob (shakuhachi)


Verily they shall be stoned  (Doxent’s synths & Rob’s experimental shakuhachi)


Koyasan with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachis)



Dat funkin’ thang with Greg Baumont, guitar riff & Rob, harmonicas


Some other funkin thang with greg baumont & Martijn de Boer (who added bass)



Here and Now with snowflake & Scomber (Rob on shak & harmonica)


A poem I’ll own with Doxent (Rob on harmonicas)


Smiley depressive with smilingcynic (Rob: shak, smiling cynic: piano)


It all passed with snowflake (piano) & Rob (harmonicas)


alone as tired with airtone (keyboards) & Rob (vocals)



Tribal Love with Wired Ant and debbizo and Rob’s experimental shakuhachi.


Little dogies git along in a fine line to the lemon8 stand with lemoneight and Rob’s harmonicas


What I say never makes much sense with audiotechnica, Speck & _ghost and Rob’s shakuhachi


Over and outback with Javolenus (guitar) & Rob (harmonicas & production)


Sleep, Amelia. Sleep with Piano: Gurdonark, Soprano sax: Puie, Cello: Anchor/Jaff Seijas, Shakuhachi: rob walker


Working overtime with airtone (composition, keyboards) & Rob (acoustic & wah-wah guitars, harmonicas)


She’s still in love with Javolenus (guitar, vocals), Spinningmerkeba (muted trumpet), Stringfacory (violin) & Rob (harmonicas, percussion, Sproduction)


All she surveys with speck, Jeris, NiGiD & Javolenus & Rob’s harmonicas)


In a heartbeat with Javolenus (looped guitar sample) & Rob (shakuhachis, production)


Just shut up (intimate breath mix) with Sturzstrom (keyboards, production), tglacy (vocal) & Rob (shakuhachi)


Bohemian Collapsody (Asian mix) with Super Sigil (prod), Greg Baumont & Javolenus (guitars & basses) & Rob (koto, shakuhachi)


Where’s my slippers? with Javolenus (guitars) & Rob (harmonicas, microwave & teacups)



Variations on Takeda (Rob’s shakuhachi)



–   as A Whispered Joke with Kara Square


–   as Adam’s Rib with Shelflife


–   as randomWalk with airtone


Mojo no mo’ with Javolenus’ guitar sample & Rob’s acoustic guitars.


Kokoriko Groove (Rob’s shakuhachi)


as “Kakoi’s Groove” with J. Lang

            as Keep it straight with Jeris


We 3 Take 5 as Beautiful Aura Groove with SuperSigil (drums – CSoul,Javolenus,audiotechnica (bass – SuperSigil, guitar – Javolenus, pad/strings – Csoul, shakuhachi – robwalkerpoet)


Julia flies from Rio to Tokyo with oficina musica digital (Rob’s filtered shakuhachis)


Shiho’s smile with mando curious’ guitar & Rob’s shakuhachis


Mai’s Dance with Rob (shakuhachis & acoustic & wah-wah guitars, vocals) & Vidian (everything else)



The Great Riff with Javolenus (guitar), Dimitri Artemenko (violin)

& Rob (shakuhachis)



Minor interruption with Javolenus (guitar) & Rob (acoustic guitars, shakuhachi)


H2O with airtone (keyboards & prod), Stefsax (clarinets), Geert Veneklaas and Jurgen Herrmann (bass clarinets) & Rob (guitar, shakuhachi, final mix)


Just ordinary people with Javolenus (original composition, guitars, bass, drums &vocals) & Rob (additional lyrics & vocals)


Let’s Have Safe Sex with Bigbonobo Combo (original composition & production) , anonymous (female vocals) and Rob (additional lyrics & vocals)


Himeji Furasato – My hometown (shakuhachi instrumental with airtone)



Dance of Change with Chuck Berglund (composition, production), Ephemeral Rift (native North American Indian flute) & Rob (shakuhachi)   (at 40:12)


Robots can’t play shakuhachi with Kirkoid (composition, production) & Rob (shakuhachis)


minor disturbance with Javolenus (jazz guitar, drums) & Rob (ukulele, shakuhachis)



A disturbed minor with Kung Fu (who adds bass, guitars & audience to the track above.)



kakoi with Javolenus (jazz guitar sample) & Rob (shakuhachis, pitch-adjusted acoustic guitar as bass, finger percussion)


Oration with colab (looped piano) & Rob (various shakuhachis)



The Impending Train of Doom with Robbie Dee




may you have an optative moog with Javolenus (min-moog, programming) & Rob (experimental filtered shakuhachi)



The Slap (shakuhachi impro) with Greg Baumont


Butterflies from the inside with CSoul (Rob’s harmonica)


It’s late with Javolenus (jazz guitar chords) & Rob (shakuhachis, impro & octave-lowered acoustic guitar bass)


Kooler than Kobe (shakuhachi)


Poppy Blues with Speck (Rob’s harmonica)



simplicity with leza2unes, copperhead and Jeris (Rob’s additional vocals)


as “simplethings” with Sturzstrom


as “The Simple Things” with Mana Junkie