Wheels on fire

video & music: Bocrew/ 7th Quartet/ Thedeepr

audio poem: Rob Walker



My poetry blog

video & music: Grand City Break/ Bocrew

audio poem: robwalkerpoet



Yes uke can!

video: speed paint by Teallight

audio: robwalkerpoet (solo multi-tracked ukulele)



Left behind

video: Alastair Ashcroft

audio: Gravity Waves Back – robwalkerpoet with airtone



Run as fast as you can – documentary on Sophie Kamlish.

videographer: Bibiana Baluk

music: robwalkerpoet, airtone & others.



sparrow in an airport

poem: rob walker     music: Grand City Flight    video: Peter Fred

It’s interesting how these poems spread around the planet… This one was written way back in about 2004 and became the title poem for my first collection NEW POETS TEN



bibliophobia (poem by rob walker, vision by Ben Walker)

Bibliophobia from Ben Walker on Vimeo.

Winner, Newcastle Poetry Prize (New Media), 2009.


Music for Manga:

Music: Winter comes / Autumn leaves. Shakuhachi: Rob Walker  Piano: Doxent

Video: 헛개컨디션 ucc



Video: Asmus Koefoed. Poem: Rob Walker. Music: Stellartwars. Cathedral organ: Nickleus

Und du?

German car security ad. Music: ‘Working overtime’. Composition & keyboards by airtone. Acoustic & wah-wah guitar and harmonica by Rob. Vision: Thitronik


Sydney birdsong:

Music: The Great Riff (ft Javolenus & string factory.) Original guitar: Javolenus. Shakuhachis: Rob Walker   Video: Creative Hearts education


Risuko. Rob’s shakuhachi used in a movie trailer. Video by David Kudler


Dolphins. Music:Vary-eyed (ft. airtone)  Shakuhachis: Rob Walker  All other instruments: airtone.   Video: Shannon Thompson


Senso-ji temple, Asakusa

Music: Oliver’s lullaby.   Piano: Doxent      Shakuhachis: Rob Walker   Video: Random Trails


Music: Yes Uke Can! (multi-tracked ukuleles by Rob Walker)

Video: Scottish Citizen’s Advice Direct


Painting in the sky by numbers:

Original composition & piano: Doxent   Sax: Dave Merrick   Bass: Martijn de Boer

Shakuhachis & production: Rob Walker    Video: Кристально чистый ручей


Kamakura Temple and Bamboo

composition Koyasan and shakuhachi: Rob Walker. Video: JPWHY  (May, 2016)


Lilli Recyklátorka (Lilli helps recycling)

Music: Working overtime. Composition, keyboards: airtone. Shaks & guitar: Rob Walker

Video:Tigeragon media, Slovakia


yama reflecting  (video-poem with original music)

Australian Poetry Journal Members Anthology 3

(March 2015)


plympton gopher (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)



tupperware (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)


The Poet performs The Web

A virtual performance of my poem by Vidar H Andersen

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