never mind king of the jungle

fame’s at food chain’s other end

you decomposer


under every log and leaf

rolypoly armadillo armies

protected in your sphere


comminuting detritus     dismantling cellulose

back to C, N, H, and O

building blocks for bio highrise


with overcast complexion   hell is above ground

beware the light

heaven a warm black earth.


patiently munching whole dead forests

eating Death

shitting Life









Originally published in Limestone Magazine, a pioneering online poetry website in the UK, 2003



also Taj Mahal Review (Dr Santosh Kumar, ed.)

CyberWit, Allahabad, INDIA.

Vol 5 #2, Dec, 2006 ISSN: 0972-6004


Earthly Matters, Biology and Geology Volume (ed. Brook Emery and Victoria Haritos)

Science Made Marvellous for National Science Week 2010


and micromacro, Seaview Press, 2006



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