This had a brilliant title which I’ve forgotten as

Imagine w. Zenboy1955



The Last Resort w. Mana Junkie


Whispered Intent w. Radioontheshelf



Lanthorn flies w. Apoxode


Waiting for the vaccine w. Aoxode   (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Kava Dawn w. Apoxode (Rob’s processed shakuhachi)


Moths and Butterflies as Moths122 w. softmartin

Patterns as The Unseen Spiral’s Centre w. onlymeith and Vidian

Sitting in the empty house w. Siobhan Dakay

Insignificant lichen w. Speck

Who are U? w. Mana Junkie

Venus and the Moon (opening) w. Mirek Kuzniar

Venus and the Moon w. Mirek Kuzniar

Venus and the Moon (reprise) w. Mirek Kuzniar

Venus and the Moon as Share a Glass w. madimpactunit

Empty Sockets w. Ingemann Strunch

Life Finds a Way (to Adapt) w. Ivan Chew

Venus and The Moon w. Javolenus

Smiles & Mr Miles w. Stefan Kartenberg

Adaptive Smiling w. AmbireSeiche

Swanston Street w. Tobias Weber

curtains w. w1av

Who are you? w. Briareus

Tethered as ‘Dethered w. reiswerk 

process w. Bluemillenium

Dawn, Old Echuca Wharf w. Speck

Yorke Peninsula w. teru

sinister minister w. Dokashiteru

free in philadelphia (spoken word with Tobias Weber / Aussens@iter’s guitar)

The Selkie’s Daughter (spoken word, orchestral, songs.) A musical Christmas adventure story for children and their parents by Siobhan Dakay, Moira Waugh and Rob Walker  available through:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thinkroot Records:





Patterns as The Unseen Spiral’s Center with onlymeith and Vidian


Remains w. Urmymuse


Blood oath w. Magdalena Ball, Martyn Bloor and M Elwell Romancito


for my late friend w. Gurdonark and late friend w. speck


phone index w. Mana Junkie

phone index with annabloom


You are a cello w. 4barrelcarb

I think the worst is over now as Our own sun with speck, Doxent Zsigmond, Orrisroot, Wired Ant, Jeris, Blue Millenium & Linden Tree HERE.

as It was with Grand City Break


Resolution and D-generation with annabloom and Lisa deBenedictis


Who are you? with Kara Square, Magmavander & Surveillance Party


This wheel’s on fire with airtone


Remains with Gurdonark


Bubbles of Reality with Grand City Break


Perhaps with The Deepr


Resolution and D-generation with Mirek Kuzniar


Another Way with Grand City Break


Himeji to Shirohama with The Break Soul Club


Winter sonnets with Javolenus and Magmavander (Rob reading Shakespeare’s sonnets 18 and 73)


Tolerance Optional with The Deepr

3 versions of elements

Remixed by DJ Sossa. Recorded at DNF studio Rome


I imagine with The 7th Quartet


Selling me with Anders Bjork

Supernovas of nothingness with Speck


tethered with Thedeepr / BOCrew


eurostar with airtone and diaphane



This had a brilliant title which I’ve forgotten with Donnie Ozone and Magmavander

with Mirek Kuzniar


Winter sonnets (Rob reading Shakespearean sonnets to the music of Javolenus & Magmavander)


Norfolk Island Pine with airtone


Jay’s Dam, Kondoolka Station with Javolenus


Blackness not with Lisa de Benedictis & airtone


Gravity Waves Back with airtone (Rob’s ukulele)


Patterns as Patternation with airtone


Horses of Childhood with annnabloom


Toppin’ y’self with Speck & Martijn de Boer



Elements (poem) with Mo-no-tone.


My poetry blog (a poem with Gurdonark’s unique music)


by mana junkie, featuring Debby Rosenberg and Esseq (listen HERE.)

Japanese lessons on the bullet train (with Robbie Dee)


Reintarnation (with Maggie Ball)


Confected Outrage with Stefan Kartenberg & Martijn de Boer



Confected Outrage with Mana Junkie




The Last Resort with Reiswerk



An accident waiting to happen as The jet engine’s invisible hairline fracture with Javolenus & NiGiD



medial ligament with M Elwell Romancito



7 haiku with Romancito



7 haiku with Mana Junkie (urban mix)




Oregon (as Kindling) with Gurdonark



vocabulary of the beach with Gurdonark



vocabulary of the beach (undiscovered) with Siobhan Dakay




tethered as ‘Tethered … a meditation on shore whilst overlooking the sea’ with essesq




crabbing (poem crabbing from James Well to Rogues Point with music by NiGiD and Javolenus)                      LISTEN


Alien world H20      (Magdalena Ball’s poem mixed with rob’s shakuhachi and guitarwork over airtone’s keyboards with some added clarinets and bass clarinets by various ccmixter musos.)                                      LISTEN                                    SEE



Plympton gopher (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)


Tupperware (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)


Small stuff (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)


Tropeland (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)


The Thoughts of Charlie Sheen (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)


An accident waiting to happen (performance with Jazz-funk ensemble Max-Mo)


my left hand with Len Mosley


To wheeze not gentle (with Roland Woerl aka M-RW)!/oa/6504994-77351535


dunes with Len Mosley



The Impending Train of Doom with Robbie Dee (trance/instrumental)


Two faces have I as Two Faces with Robbie Dee



Meeting Self Doubt as SkypeSex (Meet Self Doubt) EP with The Wilde


The Slap with Greg Baumont (rob remixes Greg’s funky bass with his own shakuhachi)


tethered with Javolenus


sparrow in an airport with Jeris


My Left Hand as Just another left hand with Speck


bones as fragile bones of desire with Wired Ant



bones with Mirek Kuzniar (heavy metal)


bones as ‘Spooky Girlfriend (Mercury Rising)’ with rainbowstrange


bones  as ‘Codebreaking’ with Mana Junkie


sitting in the empty house as empty house w. Doxent


The drive to work w. Jurgen Herrmann


Worst-case scenario w. Jason Mythos


Cigarette w. Doxent


Lines written on the train from Himeji to Shirahama w. Doxent


shearwaters with Zep Hurme


from a novel, torn with Mirek Kuzniar


Reflecting with onlymeith


Sluggish returns w. speck


Sluggish returns with Mirek Kuzniar


Roly Poly Pudding as Roly with Mirek Kuzniar



Flood and desert with speck

CO2 with airtone (Rob’s harmonica)


Bucket List with Speck


cello as You are a cello with 4barrelcarb


cello as ‘we drift’ with AmbireSeiche


termites as ‘termites remix’ with Martin Cee (softmartin)


termites with wildeop


termites with earritation



Vietnamese Dragons with Aussens@iter


Vietnamese Dragons with Mana Junkie


Vietnamese Dragons as Dream of Dragons with h5k


as dragons with Grand City Break


Honeycatacombs with Doxent and Panu


Honeycatacombs with Mirek Kuzniar



Mutton Jeff as Unsilent footfall with Stefan Kartenberg


Reality bubbles with Tobias Weber


The Owl speaks with @nop


Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy as Therapy Session with Mana Junkie and Gurdonark



Elements as The Long Chain with Briareus



Elements as with time, the patient ground with Zikweb (Rob on vocals and shakuhachi)


Extra- corporeal Shockwave Therapy as Therapy session with gurdonark and mana junkie


empty sockets2 and Kokoriko2 as Paradigm Shifter with Platinum Butterfly


Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy with Mirek Kuzniar



Termites as Where are Deb’s termites tomorrow? with Debbizo and rocavaco


On the rebound with MC Jackinthe box (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Rain praise with MC Jackinthe box (Rob’s shakuhachi


Winter comes. Autumn leaves with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachi)



Lugubrious (own piano and vocals)


Dear Moon with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachi)



Watch this space with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Goodbye Alice Springs with Javolenus


69 – Isn’t it good? with Javolenus, NiGiD (Martijn de Boer) (Rob’s harmonicas)


shearwaters with Zep Hurme


from a novel, torn with Mirek Kuzniar


coming off the Tramadol as tapering with Briareus


elements as The Birth of Death with AmbireSeiche


Yama as Paradise Unrealized with speck, AbireSeiche and MyFree Mickey

Selling me with Mana Junkie


Selling me as Market Hacker with Reiswek


Limp paperclips with Martijn De Boer


Hotel room with Mirek Kuzniar


The Impressionists with Mirek Kuzniar


Hotel room with Mirek Kuzniar


speaking in tongues with Mirek Kuzniar


Redback spider with Mirek Kuzniar


The bird leaves its cage with Mirek Kuzniar


wandering with Mirek Kuzniar


leaving school behind with Mirek Kuzniar


Nor egrets with Pitz

Sometimes a man with speck


The patient ground with Papa Zulu


Love at the physio with Mirek Kuzniar


Painting in the sky by numbers with Doxent, Dave Merrick & Martijn de Boer


Alone in the dark by Keytronic (Rob’s shakuhachi)


Some kill with minimal art, Malcolm Lambe and spinningmerkeba (Rob’s shakuhachi)


In yr eye with rocavaco, kirkoid, Javolenus & Hector Thillet (Rob’s shakuhachis)


a clarity of smog with Doxent

smog with Grand City Break


Noto no koto (Rob’s shakuhachi and koto)


Kinda green with doxent and stefsax

A city transformed with duckett



Oliver’s lullaby with Doxent


Verily they shall be stoned with Doxent


Koyasan with Doxent (Rob’s shakuhachis)


Some other funkin thang with greg baumont & Martijn de Boer (Rob on harmonicas)


Dat funkin’ thang with Greg Baumont (Rob, harmonicas)


Here and Now with snowflake & Scomber (Rob on shak & harmonica)


A poem I’ll own with Doxent (Rob on harmonicas)


Smiley depressive with smilingcynic (Rob, shak)


It all passed with snowflake (Rob, harmonicas)





alone as tired with airtone


Looking up


as My Childhood Christmas Tree with snowflake, Jeris and Speck


as Our Christmas Tree Dance with Speck, CSoul, Admiral Bob, snowflake, spinningmerkaba, Patronski, Hollyhawk and Scomber


Honeycatacombs with Doxent and Panu


Our own sun with Speck, Doxent Zsigmond, Orrisroot, Wired Ant, Jeris, Blue Millenium & Linden Tree


Nihongo kecak


Tribal Love with Wired Ant and debbizo


Little dogies git along in a fine line to the lemon8 stand with lemoneight

(rob mixes kidjazz’s piano with his own harmonica)


What I say never makes much sense with audiotechnica, Speck & _ghost


Over and outback with Javolenus (rob mixes Javolenus’ guitar impro with his own harmonica)


Sleep, Amelia. Sleep with Piano: Gurdonark, Soprano sax: Puie, Cello: Anchor/Jaff Seijas, Shakuhachi: rob walker

A lullaby for my grand-daughter Amelia.


Cicadas with Gurdonark

White ants meet electronica.


Working overtime with airtone

Added some chunky guitar, harmonicas and filtered guitar impro over airtone’s superb keyboard production. This one’s been widely appropriated as a soundtrack on many a YouTube video!


She’s still in love with Javolenus


All she surveys with speck, Jeris, NiGiD & Javolenus



               as Elements (+ stems) with stellartwars


as The Elemental Journey with Shelflife


as Elements with Mirek Kuzniar


In a heartbeat with Javolenus


Just shut up (intimate breath mix) with Sturzstrom (rob on shakuhachi)


Bohemian Collapsody (Asian mix) with Super Sigil (Rob on shakuhachi and koto played with chopsticks. Seriously.)


The Web as Hybrid Vigor with Abstract Audio


Where’s my slippers? with Javolenus


semi-detached with Javolenus


Love shak samba with Javolenus, NiGiD and dapower



Love shak samba Feat. robwalkerpoet, Javolenus and NiGiD

Jeris’ remix of my koto and shakuhachi.

This is another one which has been widely used on Asian-themed YouTube videos.




The Baboushkas Inside with schizophrend


Chrysalis reversed with robomusic


The hungry Teatree in Murray’s windy Mouth with annabloom



watching my blind cat with onlymeith


Romance for a Disquieting Evening with My Free Mickey and others





Takeda (a Japanese lullaby)


as A Whispered Joke with Kara Square


as Adam’s Rib with Shelflife


as randomWalk with airtone

Gentle remix of a traditional Japanese tune on my shakuhachi with Kara Square sounding like Laurie Andersen!



Muzakashii. Very difficult. Too hard


The Baboushkas Inside

as The Baboushkas Inside with schizophrend

as The Chrysalis Reversed with robomusic


Mojo no mo’ with Javolenus


Present with DreamSynth


as A Mere Moving Pinpoint with Speck


as Present (the remix) with sLow starter

Kokoriko Groove


as “Kakoi’s Groove” with J. Lang

               as Keep it straight with Jeris


We 3 Take 5 as Beautiful Aura Groove with SuperSigil


An accident waiting to happen with Kara Square

as The Uncertainty Principles as Principle of Certainty about unknown Unknowns

with annabloom


Speaking in Tongues with Tony Colorado/ A S M


The Finger with destinazione_altrove


Julia flies from Rio to Tokyo with oficina musica digital


Shiho’s smile with mando curious


Mai’s Dance with Vidian



The Great Riff with Javolenus



Minor interruption with Javolenus


H2O with airtone and others


Just ordinary people with Javolenus.

My poem/spoken word added to Javolenus’ tribute to diversity and the common person.


video excerpt:



Let’s Have Safe Sex with Bigbonobo Combo.

A Public Health Announcement in the style of Barry White

(recorded in Japan with the assistance of an anonymous Adelaide woman.)




Himeji Furasato – My hometown (shakuhachi instrumental with airtone)


Peripatetic (bass and shakuhachi) as Silent My Song with Speck


Dance of Change with Chuck Berglund and Ephemeral Rift (rob: shakuhachi, ephemeral lift: indigenous North American flute)


The Mouth with sunbyrn


The Mouth as The hungry tea-tree in windy Murray’s mouth with annabloom


Memory loss with Gurdonark

as Lost in memory with Gurdonark



Leaving school behind with Gurdonark


as Sensitive with Gurdonark


A profane prayer with Sturzstrom.

A prayer for atheists.


The Universe listens with Sturzstrom and SackJo22


Al Zheimer as You will never know with onlymeith


wandering as “Wandering by Robwalkerpoet” by leonjw


The Prisoner as “Half Life Half Death” with Official Nc Fx


Robots can’t play shakuhachi with Kirkoid


A disturbed minor with Kung Fu



minor disturbance with Javolenus



may you have an optative moog with Javolenus


The Finger as what feeds you by mutagene


                              as The Finger by Anandamine

as The Finger with Destinazione Altrove


destiny with eliki


kakoi with Javolenus


Oration with colab


If I were a subjunctive clause


void with Javolenus



a cup as “I ain’t, I ain’t a cup” with Kung Fu


Consumption (re: Mote Observer vs Consumer Whore) with Kirkoid & SackJo


The Impending Train of Doom (instrumental)


The Slap (shakuhachi impro) with Greg Baumont

as Butterflies from the inside with CSoul


It’s late (guitar/ shakuhachi impro)


Kooler than Kobe (shakuhachi)



Cold Caller with Vo1k1

Cold Caller with leonjw


Synchronised swimmers as Sitting Back – Swimmers – Find Yourself with Kung Fu


as “Truly free (Die-Konstrukt Mix)


The Wheel (song)


re: Mote Observer as “Consumption – re: Mote Observer vs Consumer Whore” with kirkoid and Kara Square


Speaking in tongues as “tongues” with Super Sigil, Speck, panu and ciggi burns

as Watdeycouldnaknow with Speck


A better world with onlymeith


as Lords Know with BOCrew



Destiny with Speck


Meet Self Doubt with speck


meta poem with colab


Hotel room as “Nothing Less” with BOCrew


eurostar as “Subterranean loop” with speck and annabloom



pre-dated as “Crimson Billows” with onlymeith


simplicity with leza2unes, copperhead and Jeris.


as “simplethings” with Sturzstrom


as “The Simple Things” with Mana Junkie



as The Sun Will Rise with pokepcccp



The bird leaves its cage (and enters another) as “reprieve” with Ducket and Ghost Collective.


as The Bird and the Word (Jav-O + Street Poet Mix)” with KungFu


from a novel, torn as “torn” with snowflake and onlymeith


A better world with onlymeith


A Beginner’s Guide to Postmodernism with airtone and Javolenus.


“Act of God” with Psykick


“two faces have i” with BOCrew


watching my blind cat with onlymeith


as “Watching Narla”


as “Narla” with Speck


“Watching a WWII video in a Japanese classroom”

with Wired Ant


“Watching a WWII video in a Japanese classroom”

with Calling Sister Midnight




Transcendence/ Transcending Silence with Hektor Thillet and DoKashiteru



Horrorscope/ Don’t buy any green bananas with rocavaco



crying at the poetry reading with CSoul as “7th Dimension IX-1”


crying at the poetry reading with Mana Junkie


as “crying” with onlymeith



Clearing the caravan park/ No rent too low with Wired_Ant



Endless Summer with Clarence Simpson


One Fat Lady / Octophobia in Fat Lady Japan with Calling Sister Midnight




identical twins (as Twins) with onlymeith


Fear of glass (with debbizo)


The Thoughts of Charlie Sheen ( with Jeris)

As “weening”



Jordy’s balloons

(as The Aching Eyes) with onlymeith


Rock, paper, scissors (with Mana Junkie)


Rock Paper Scissors (Magma Version) (with Mana Junkie)


pokies at the emu (as ‘Gambling addiction’ (with Nickleus) 10/03/11


pokies at the emu (as ‘Gambling addiction’ (with debbizo)


Jellyfish (with DoKashiteru, 09/03/11)


The Thoughts of Charlie Sheen (with Mana Junkie, 08/03/11)



Jordy’s ballons as Balloons (with Karma Cowboy)


to wheeze, not gentle as Dry Splashes Of Words (with Speck)


After the weekend/Limit of Maps (with debbizo, Soda and Admiral Bob)


iPlod as iPlod (House Remix) 2011 (with Nc_Fx)


Xanthophobia as Yellow Peril (House Remix) 2011 (with Nc_Fx)


Bipolar Grief as Bipolar Grief (Orchestral Remix) (with debbizo)

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