Plympton gopher

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The original title was ‘Mr Bong’ (renamed by Steve – now I like it better.) Believe it or not a totally true story. Now given street-cred by Derek’s very cool sax work…

Plympton gopher

i sat down to my cherrybun and long black outside the south plympton bakery watching the traffic on marion rd & he just zoomed up on his gopher & invited himself to my plastic

wicker chair & asked me if i knew anywhere that sold bongs he said he made them & was looking for an outlet his hair was like bumfluff & his eyes looked a bit hiv i said no but he

was not dissuaded he said the dope eases the pain & the cops know i grow me own & they leave me alone fair enough i said then he told me all about the motorneurone disease & how

he useta run a business in london he was totally wasted like skin stretched over a skull and a shirt hanging on the back of a wooden chair & yet he was friendly & interesting & not

bitter at all & when i asked him where he lived he pointed north & said seven clicks coz the scooter has a range of 14 & i dont wanna push it & it all seemed plausible & his name was

rob too then we shook hands & i said good luck & he headed south & i sat there wondering if every word had been bullshit

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