remembering writers’ week 2006

A post from my 2006 Archives:10/03/06: rob“The final day of Writers’ Week and in a wonderful moment of synchronicity I was able to introduce Juan Garrido-Salgado to Yahia al-Samawy- both poets who had been imprisoned and tortured for their political beliefs and writings. Juan introduced me to Tom Shapcott (who’s retired from teaching and now lives in Melbourne) and Geoff Goodfellow was wandering past so I introduced him to all! Later, under the shade of plane and palm trees on a beautiful hot Adelaide afternoon, Juan and Yahia told me the details of their torture in prison.. and I’ve never been so grateful to have led a mundane life..” ImpressionismAutumnPears PalmsGarrido Salgado walker al Samawy Shapcott GoodfellowAlSamawy Garrido Salgado 

friendly street launch

Australian poet / novellist /editor John Kinsella will officially launch Friendly Street Poets’ 32nd annual reader REWIRED and New Poets 13 at Adelaide Writers’ Week on 2nd March. I’m sorry I can’t be there. Co-editor Maggie Emmet emailed to say my poems Automatonophobia and Isaac the Unchosen will be included in REWIRED.