Finding my Achilles heel





(The photo by Marc Hollembeak comes from Issue 23 of Concelebratory Review.)



The Concelebratory Shoehorn Review is a poetry blog run by Maurice Oliver. I don’t actually remember ever submitting poems to him. I guess he just trawls the web and posts anything that appeals to him. Anyway, he’s posted a very unusual selection of my stuff (some dates back to mid-90s.)
Ode to an elevator
A forty nine year old child sees his first bumblebee
Bob Fox
Collateral Language
The Dream of Wearing Shorts Hardly Ever.

It’s not what I would have picked, but it’s mine and I don’t disown any of my work, even if it isn’t what I’d say or the way I’d say it now! Actually I find myself in quite good company, so we’ll forget about the royalties and the litigation…

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