Limit of Maps.

An electro mix of my poem Limit of Maps by Minimominimale from Italy.

It’s also been produced as We Were Lost with Duckett HERE

and combined ingeniously with Debbizo’s After The Weekend with Admiral Bob and Soda HERE. Debbizo (AKA Deb Stewart) and I did a live collaboration of this one at one of the first (if not THE first) SPIN performances at Shakespeare’s Bookshop when it was still at Port Noarlunga in 2011!

It originally appeared in micromacro (2006) and reappeared in phobiaphobia in (2007.)

It was

It was is the Grand City Break remix of my poem I think the worst is over now, a piece set in modern Hiroshima

First published in Poetry Magazine (US) Vol XIV No. 2, Summer 2013 and later in the tropeland collection, 2015.

I think the worst is over now.

‘Yeah I think the worst is over now.

Yeah, it’s gonna be alright.

The morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball.’

–  Paul Simon


In the Peace Museum there’s a red plastic ball suspended over a huge 3D model of Hiroshima as it was on that day. It represents the point of detonation 300m above the city, above the dome of the building, the dome that’s now a melted twisted reminder of the power in our hands the day we invented our own sun, a whiteness which X-rayed people to charcoal. And back at the multirise hostel you get a 360 degree view of a modern city of 1.6 million uncharcoaled people and you ask yourself if the worst is over now and despite feeling overwhelmed by the whole day you find yourself humming a song Paul Simon wrote well before                                                  The Sounds of Silence.


You can hear my own remix titled Our own sun featuring speck, Doxent Zsigmond, Orrisroot, Wired Ant, Jeris, Blue Millenium & Linden Tree HERE.

Yes uke can!

So this one’s not poetry at all – and only ‘writing’ in that I wrote the piece myself and recorded it by multi-tracking ukuleles.


audio: Yes uke can! by robwalkerpoet

video: drawing/animation/speedpaint by Teallight

four dragons


Four very different remixes of my Vietnamese Dragons poem.


The first is by Tobias Weber (Germany.) HERE.


The second is by Grand City Break (France.) Hear HERE.


The third is by Mana Junkie out of Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. Listen HERE.


The fourth is h5k. HERE.


Each interpretation is completely different – one of many reasons I love ccmixter!



Vietnamese dragons was first published in Poetry Magazine (US)

(Vol XIV No. 2, Summer 2013)


and later in my collection Original Clichés, Ginninderra Press, 2016