we are all prisoners

Atlas by Vidian

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being ordinary

Original music and lyrics by Javolenus. Additional words by me. Thanks to Javo.


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Ordinary people


We’re confused. We’re abused. We’re bemused. And misconstrued.


Javo: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.



Rob: Overfed and underfed.

On the junk or slightly drunk.

Paying off the home loan. Living in a war-zone.

Arrogant or quiet. Going off the diet.



Javo: Confused by politicos. Abused by religicos. Hung up on romanticos. Strung up on semanticos.

Javo/Rob: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.)



Rob: Planning for the Great Escape. Obsessing over body shape.

Powerless. Needier. Sucked in by the media.


Javo: Overfed on popcorn, TV sex and cop porn, internet and war-torn. Karma sees him re-born.


Javo & Rob: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.


Rob: Millionaire tax-cuts getting people’s backs up.

Under-manned and overjoyed.  Working late or unemployed.


Confident, ambitious. Washing up the dishes.

Grieving. Feeling pain. Late for the city train.


Javo & Rob: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.



Rob: Flirting. Breaking up. Violence. Making up.


Polluting the planet Earth. Aborting. Giving birth.


Being pregnant, being born.

Time to cut the front lawn.


Amputees from landmines. ‘Victims’ of parking fines.

Grief from a child’s death. Profits from the crystal meth.


Javo & Rob: People. People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.


Rob: Biggest Loser. Big Brother.

We are Us. You’re The Other.


Self-effacing. Self-denying.

Winning. Failing. Simply trying.


Being on the winning team.

Luther-King’s “I have a dream”…


Saving for a rainy day.

Male/ female. Straight / gay.


Pretty. Ugly. Short. Tall.

Wandering through the shopping mall.


Dulling pain with analgesics.

Able-bodied. Paraplegics.


Raped in a backstreet.

Abused by the fat priest.


All you want’s  a roof, a bed.

Working hard to get ahead.


First sex. First child.

Feeling calm. Feeling wild.                           Celebrities.


and Refugees.


(lead guitar break.)



Javo (on vocoder): Ordinary people.

Let’s Have Safe Sex




Let’s Have Safe Sex (improved Real Woma… by robwalkerpoet

Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) Creative Commons License

Think of it as a funky  Public Health Announcement of a Sexual Nature. This was my entry in ccmixter’s Agent Blues secret mixter project. My secret collaborator was BigBonobo Combo, upon whose Safe Sex production this is based. Big Boner Beau is me (with some audio enhancement for audiophile dysfunction.) Thanks to my real-woman Bonee (who chooses to remain incognito), Daniel Cambier on very funky bass, and sax player Mauro Durão, who sounds a lot like Derek Pascoe in our band Max Mo back in Adelaide, South Australia. Thanks to Bigbonobo for the inspiration and original production.

 Just a bit of fun, really, and a  thin excuse for a lot of immature highschool condom puns. I enjoyed myself, anyway…


Let’s have safe sex.


I’m your  big boner beau…


You want da boom boom? Ya come up to ma room room.

I’m not into purity, I need a bit of security.

I may be sleazy – but I ain’t easy.

Let’s get climactic with a prophylactic.


Bigbonobo: Ladies I’m talkin’ to you. All the ladies. If ya wanna have fun. I you wanna have a great time. Come on.



Big Boner Beau/ Bigbonobo:

Big Boner Beau says Peace. Peace. Big Boner Beau says Love. Big Boner Beau says Happiness. Big Boner Beau says Let’s have safe sex. And be happy.


I may be sleazy – but I ain’t easy.


You sexy girls can save the world

You gotta watch your health, look after yourself


Don’t get redactive – you gotta get proactive. Yeah.

Just tell him:




If you ain’t wearin’ –

I’m not ain’t sharin’


Don’t wanna get “clapped”

I take my sausage shrink-wrapped.


You can get boney

but leave the skin on the baloney.


I’ll take off my Playtex

if you put on a latex


Call me Gretel –

(I need my ’Ansell!)


Life’s for livin’ –

but the condom’s a given


I’ll come up to your condominium

but the condom’s a minimum


Put that cock in a sock


It’s a lovely erection

but where’s the protection?


Just wanna holdya

my Trojan soldier


I’ll take your Big Bubba

if he’s dressed in a rubber


I won’t take no whanger – ‘less it’s  dressed in a franger*


Hey Superman,

put on your suit.





* ancient Aussie slang for ‘french letter.’ (Showing my age!)

ego massage


I’ve been informed by Black Inc that my poem ‘crying at the poetry reading’, published in Red River Review in November 2011, has been selected by John Tranter for The Best Australian Poems 2012.


Thank you so much for informing me.  My publisher and I will be sending out promo info. for Rob and I hope that will lead to sales for your publication.  We had nominated that same poem for a Best of the Net Award.  Australia seems to turn out some amazing poets.  Thank you again.


Michelle Hartman


Red River Review



Michelle Hartman


1:20 AM (5 hours ago)

to me




I just got word about Best Australian Poetry 2012.  I called RRR publisher and he’s jumping up and down.  We’re putting out promo stuff.  You totally rock.  I simply do not have the adjectives to tell you how fantastic this is.  Great good luck to you – your career just took off.


Michelle Hartman

Editor – Red River Review



not crying…


I’m very proud that my poem crying at the poetry reading has been selected by John Tranter for Best Australian Poems 2012 (Black Inc) which is soon to be published by Penguin.


It originally appeared in Red River Review almost a year ago and was subsequently nominated for a US Pushcart Prize.


More recently (last week) it’s been nominated for publication in Best of The Net. In audio form the poem’s been remixed by three separate artists on ccmixter.org: ManaJunkie, onlymeith  and CSoul.