Lines Written in Himeji, 2008



Each day I skate tectonic plates
the disconnect is now the norm
reality’s a fracture zone
Guernica at junior high
the all-girl band at Kobe Quay
swings American Patrol
too young to see the irony.
I smile and share the joke alone.

And in the aisles of Bon Marché
Mulligan and Brubeck groove
like someone took the Books of Man
and Space and Time and cut them up
then threw the pieces to the wind
and they (and I) just landed here…



finalist, Australian Poetry Centre’s Making sense of it National Poetry Competition, May 7, 2010. First broadcast as an audio poem on In other words SYN FM Melbourne 90.7 FM.
Published in Friendly Street Poet’s Sorcerers and Soothsayers (ed. John Pfitzner & Tracey Korsten) 2011

Also in tropeland (Five Islands Press) 2015

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