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The 19th and final ‘Words for Birds’ by South Australian poets/ writers and superbly conceived, curated and produced by Julia Wakefield. It includes Blue Wren in 4 parts,  written and read by me, I fell in love with pelicans  written and read by Tess Driver and Thornbill was written and read by Belinda Broughton.

Sarah Mitchell’s print From a Pelican’s Breast is one of the prints  that were sent to the Winged Images International Print Exchange and exhibited at the Hahndorf Academy in March 2015.

Hear the short podcast HERE.


CivilityIt can be a bit old hat to bang on about the decline of manners. I maintain that we can learn a lot from the Japanese.

I recorded this essay at the ABC’s Ultimo studios in Sydney about a year ago. It went to air on  ABC Radio National’s Ockham’s Razor series in May 2015:

Excerpt: Listen or read HERE.

Complete audio and transcript: Listen and read HERE.

tropeland live


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My Radio Adelaide interview with Alicia Moraw. I perform ‘surprises’, ‘the girl on the train to Shikama’, ‘lines written in himeji’, ‘haru/ spring’ , ‘termites’, ‘If I were a subjunctive clause’ and ‘seeing it all clearly while my glasses are being repaired’ and chat about the little moments which inspired the poems:

a short story and 7 haiku

HopeI forgot to mention on the blog that I had these published in Transnational Literature (based at Flinders University) last November. “Cigarette” began in Himeji in 2008 but took another six years to end up in this short form:

Seven haiku appeared in the same publication:

the garron readings

GarronLogoWhat a privilege it was yesterday to perform a few of my poems with some of Adelaide’s best poets. At Wakefield Press, Mile End, Garron Publishing celebrated its fabulous chapbooks with readings from Mike Ladd, Rachael Mead, Jules Leigh Koch, Aidan Coleman, Louise Nicholas, Jelena Dinic, Helen Lindstrom, Sharon Kernot, Gary MacRae, Steve Evans, Jude Aquilina….. and David Adés in absentia (David currently lives and works in Pittsburgh so Rachael and I read his two poems from War Music.) I read my Albert’s Armistice and ANZACS from the War Music chap and radiology (a collaboration with Maggie Ball) and resolution/D-generation from Policies & Procedures which will be out around September.

Thanks to Michael Bollen and Margot Lloyd from Wakefield Press and Gary MacRae and Sharon Kernot from Garron for the opportunity to be on the same stage (well, 3 trucking pallets really) and appreciate once again how much poetic talent we have in this modest city!



Garon Readings Mike Ladd, Rob Walker, Jules Leigh Koch Rob@Wakefield