Generic Trump Rally


This Drumpf guy is really starting to worry me. I wrote this by putting together a collection of quotes from various rallies (on Youtube), in the tangential form of The Donald (i.e. never actually completing a thought or sentence.) If I weren’t an atheist I could say ‘God help us all.’

Thanks to Justin Lowe’s bluepepper poetry website for publishing.


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rob-walker-poet-555x313It was my pleasure to be a part of Radio Adelaide’s gourmet foodie radio broadcast/ podcast today. I read 3 poems: Lemonsong (soon to be included in my original clichés (Ginninderra Press) collection, the saffron rice and soursop. Thanks to Bruce Guerin for a painless interview!

There’s a podcast HERE.

paradigm shifter

Paradigm Shifter is a trance track using my poem empty sockets and my shakuhachi piece Kokoriko. Platinum Butterfly is a psytrance producer from the Netherlands. Thanks Frank!

empty sockets was written as far back as 2004 when it appeared in Teresa D Long Hawkes’ The Oracular Tree website. It was included in my 2006 collection micromacro.