NaPoWriMo Day24: Bubbles of reality



Back at Day 18 we were challenged to write a ruba’i which is a Persian form (multiple stanzas in the ruba’i form are a rubaiyat, like The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.) Basically, a ruba’i is a four-line stanza, with a rhyme scheme of AABA and has been often used in English such as Robert Frost’s famous poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening . I’ve been working on this for a few days. It began as a half-conceived idea from 2008!


Bubbles of reality


So here I am, a front-row seat

in Amsterdam, a cool-jazz beat

Modern Jazz Quartet they’re called

It’s ’57. Urbane. Sweet.


Chamber music’s Modern Age,

John Lewis piano-playing sage.

Lost in music’s interplay

my seat jerks roughly towards the stage


My earplugs and my iPod fall

I realise I’m not there at all

but on a bus with windows fogged

and in Japan, I now recall.


It’s hot in here but not outside

Commuters sleep all through the ride

We pass Himeji Castle, snow,

My reverie’s abruptly died.


I wonder if I’m really here

an Alien Resident for a year

or back at Home still sound asleep,

alarm about to ring out clear…


And so it goes, banality,

the bubbles of reality

like Russian dolls each bubble pops

I doubt my person-ality.


And when I die will I be less

than all a bubble can compress?

And will the final burst reveal

a mere sphere of nothingness?


NaPoWriMo Day 23: Margaret Thatcher







Margaret Thatcher.


“There’s no such thing as Society!”

she exclaimed with icy rapture.

But Society’s still persisting

and there’s no more Margaret Thatcher.










rob walker


NaPoWriMo Day 22: door





the portal between childhood and

adulthood is a one-way revolving door.


look back through that smoky glass

(all reflected images and ambiguity)


but once you leave

there’s no return.


over years that over-shoulder view

keeps improving,


rose-coloured images somehow



as the present begins

to blur

NaPoWriMo Day 21: Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula


Just finished a poem I began in September last year. I’ve been visiting the peninsula regularly for over 40 years & this is the latest of many attempts to encapsulate its diversity in text.


Yorke Peninsula


lime green paddocks of barley wave to the edge

of cliffs and scalloped bays


landlocked islands of high-vis canola


waving microforests of seagrass in shallows,

a glassysea reflecting a cloudy sky


cursive scribbles of squid ink on jetty planks


crumbling limestone cliffs recycled as

institutes, general stores and hotels


copper bleeding up from magma

NaPoWriMo Day 20: little-known facts







A recent prompt was “any unusual facts that you know.” These are unusual.


Little-known facts.


Did you know that


• a bacterium has been isolated in lava spewing

from the Quoxalotl Volcano in Paraguay which

can thrive at temperatures exceeding 750°C and

is capable of decomposing titanium?


Did you know that


• The wheel was invented by the indigenous

inhabitants of Tasmania 45 000 years ago,

but discarded when they found no

practical use for it?


Did you know that


• The original version of the New Testament

included the Gospel According to St Albert

which was expurgated by The Church of Rome

in the 15th century because of Albert’s assertion

that the Last supper consisted of

Milk and Chocolate?