Internalized Russian dolls

I really like this remix of my poem The Baboushkas Inside by schizophrend. It’s part of the ccmixter Prism:Identity Project. Thanks to schizophrend for the heavy dubstep treatment. (Click on the title under the graphic to hear it.)

The_Baboushkas_inside-Schizophrend-ft-r… by schizophrend

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The poem (originally titled as he wakes) was from my 2006 collection micromacro. It plays with the idea of Russian dolls and the concept that we contain all of the selves that we have ever been.



as he wakes

the baboushkas reassemble themselves. a frightened little boy at the core climbs

into the teenager with the painted-on angry face and permanent hard-on.

crawling into the ideals of some young teacher. each clothes himself

in another bodycasing, chrysalis reversed, until the final,

an ordinary middleaged man blinks,

wondering which if any

of the selves within

is him

© rob walker.

(First published in micromacro, Seaview Press, South Australia, Sept, 2006

ISBN 978-174-008-415-4)

keeping it straight

I have to say that my contribution to this very cool track by Jeris (aka V J Memes) is very modest, but it’s the best remix of one of my shakuhachi samples ever!

Thanks Jeris &

unknown unknowns

A beautifully complex Wagnerian orchestration accompanying my poem “An accident waiting to happen” by annabloom. It’s entitled “The Uncertainty of Principles as Principle of Certainty about unknown Unknowns.” My thanks to annabloom for choosing my work to remix.

And now if you can spare some time, listen to some of annabloom’s other wonderfully inspired Dadaist titles and compositions HERE.