being ordinary

Original music and lyrics by Javolenus. Additional words by me. Thanks to Javo.


(click on ‘Just Ordinary People’ above to hear it)

Ordinary people


We’re confused. We’re abused. We’re bemused. And misconstrued.


Javo: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.



Rob: Overfed and underfed.

On the junk or slightly drunk.

Paying off the home loan. Living in a war-zone.

Arrogant or quiet. Going off the diet.



Javo: Confused by politicos. Abused by religicos. Hung up on romanticos. Strung up on semanticos.

Javo/Rob: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.)



Rob: Planning for the Great Escape. Obsessing over body shape.

Powerless. Needier. Sucked in by the media.


Javo: Overfed on popcorn, TV sex and cop porn, internet and war-torn. Karma sees him re-born.


Javo & Rob: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.


Rob: Millionaire tax-cuts getting people’s backs up.

Under-manned and overjoyed.  Working late or unemployed.


Confident, ambitious. Washing up the dishes.

Grieving. Feeling pain. Late for the city train.


Javo & Rob: People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.



Rob: Flirting. Breaking up. Violence. Making up.


Polluting the planet Earth. Aborting. Giving birth.


Being pregnant, being born.

Time to cut the front lawn.


Amputees from landmines. ‘Victims’ of parking fines.

Grief from a child’s death. Profits from the crystal meth.


Javo & Rob: People. People. Ordinary people. People. Ordinary people.


Rob: Biggest Loser. Big Brother.

We are Us. You’re The Other.


Self-effacing. Self-denying.

Winning. Failing. Simply trying.


Being on the winning team.

Luther-King’s “I have a dream”…


Saving for a rainy day.

Male/ female. Straight / gay.


Pretty. Ugly. Short. Tall.

Wandering through the shopping mall.


Dulling pain with analgesics.

Able-bodied. Paraplegics.


Raped in a backstreet.

Abused by the fat priest.


All you want’s  a roof, a bed.

Working hard to get ahead.


First sex. First child.

Feeling calm. Feeling wild.                           Celebrities.


and Refugees.


(lead guitar break.)



Javo (on vocoder): Ordinary people.

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