dunes, perlubie beach



vertebrae honed to a point

backbone’s ridge disintegrating

the sharp edge loses focus

drifts off

bleeding into sky




these microboulders rolled

up and over

knife’s crest


southern ocean Sisyphus

time’s lesson in



a parable of sand


this relentless wind


air molecules

drum ears and hollows

roar defiance


as sirens

beckon sailors,


move mountains

a grain at a time




© rob walker


originally published as ‘Persistence, Dunes, Perlubie Beach’ in Famous Reporter #31, Dec 2005, this inspired the composition “dunes” by Belinda Gehlert which was first performed by rob walker and Zephyr String Quartet at the concert Resonance, Adelaide, Oct, 2007. The poem also appears in micromacro.



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