an accident waiting to happen

Thanks to the Red River Review for publishing my work again. This time it’s Original clichés, a sequence of an accident waiting to happen and the cliché antiverse. You can find the poem by going HERE, then opening the November 2012 edition. (I’m poem 61. Having a surname which begins with a W has its disadvantages!)

Red River Review is a 12 year-old pioneering all-electronic literary review from Texas, now in  its 45th edition, although my first publication with them was crying at the poetry reading, only a year ago. This poem is currently being considered for a Best of the Net Award – thanks to RRR for my nomination.

Congratulations to fellow Adelaide Friendly Street poet David Adés who also has an excellent poem in the current edition.

This is the first print-publication of an accident waiting to happen which I first performed live with Max Mo in 2011.

You can hear the musical version HERE.

minor interruption

For some reason there’s been a great deal less text and a lot more new music lately. It might be because I’ve been spending most of my spare time on the shakuhachi… I just can’t say. This one grew out of a nice guitar arpeggio in E minor by Javolenus. I added my own guitar embellishments and shakuhachi in spare time between lessons at school  (“minor interruptions”!) over a period of weeks stealing odd minutes whenever I could. If there’s a message or theme in there I have no idea what it is! Thanks to Javo for the very nice sample. (Click on ‘Minor interruption’ below to hear it.)


unfinished slaves

Here’s another particularly beautiful version of my poem The Prisoner. Orchestration and production by onlymeith, guitar by Clarence Simpson. Click “The Unfinished Slaves” below hear it. Thanks to onlymeith from Madrid, Spain, for taking the time.