The poem.
I wrote process poetry 2 while I was a resident artist at Adelaide City Library. The theme of the 4 week residency was ‘Lost & Found’ so I began by composing a found poem exploring the idea of lost and found and defining what a poem is. I often begin a poem by writing notes or a stream-of-consciousness, then remove unnecessary words. It occurred to me that the logical conclusion – and the perfect poem – might be the blank page you started with.
I guess it’s also a bit of a dig at the whole fad of ‘found poetry.’ There’s an awful lot of pretty bad poetry which consists of the random assemblage of lists and lines stolen from text books, newspapers and other people’s poems.

process poetry 2

start with a fragment.
or bruise.

words and phrases piled
like lost property

POEM (Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy)
is an endoscopic procedure used
to treat swallowing disorders.

writing poetry is no easy task.

Eran Hadas built a tool
that can read your brainwaves
and generate poetry
that reflects your thoughts.*

Remove unnecessary words
until you are left
with a blank page.

Marvel at its whiteness.

[* the stanza in italics is a quote from Wired Magazine.…

First published in malevolent soap Vol. 1 (ed. Felix Garner Davis)
ISBN 978-0-646-97882-6
October, 2017

the music.

I remixed 3 works by Bluemillenium and merged it with my poem on