an accident waiting to happen

Thanks to the Red River Review for publishing my work again. This time it’s Original clichés, a sequence of an accident waiting to happen and the cliché antiverse. You can find the poem by going HERE, then opening the November 2012 edition. (I’m poem 61. Having a surname which begins with a W has its disadvantages!)

Red River Review is a 12 year-old pioneering all-electronic literary review from Texas, now in  its 45th edition, although my first publication with them was crying at the poetry reading, only a year ago. This poem is currently being considered for a Best of the Net Award – thanks to RRR for my nomination.

Congratulations to fellow Adelaide Friendly Street poet David Adés who also has an excellent poem in the current edition.

This is the first print-publication of an accident waiting to happen which I first performed live with Max Mo in 2011.

You can hear the musical version HERE.

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