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18/12/05: congratulations to libby angel for the publication of her poem Tinny in the new high quality Australia-wide, Adelaide-based literary journal Wet Ink. libby (whose first collection Stealing was part of Friendly Street’s New Poets Ten) is currently doing a PhD at Melbourne University examining concepts of Home and Homelessness. When I sent a ‘good onya mate’   email she replied   ” jeez, thats the first i heard of it!! i love it when u forget all about submitting” !


17/12/05: rob: " I have a new respect for poetry editors! Throughout 2005 Louise Nicholas and I have been collecting and selecting poems read at Friendly Street’s monthly readings for publication in ArtState and on Friendly Street’s Featured Poem site. We have just finished selecting and typing the best 100 poems of the year to be published as Friendly Street Poets THIRTY. The manuscript (funny we still call it that, since the collection exists only on a CD-rom and a hard-drive at Wakefield Press) is being typeset & we’ll have the proofs for checking next week.

Selecting work for an anthology forces you to consider styles and approaches you may not normally choose yourself.. We believe we’ve selected the essence of the diversity of poetry performed at Friendly Street in 2005. It will also be interesting to see if a year in this role affects the quality or form of our own writing in the longer term..
We are currently negotiating with a well-known Australian author to launch the collection at Adelaide Writers’ Week on March 5th next year.
Meanwhile, back at Friendly Street nothing stands still. The 2006 editors have already been selected & we warmly congratulate Adelaide poets Erica Jolly and Avalanche (aka Ivan Rehorek ) who have already taken over from us and begun collecting and considering submissions for FS #31, due for release in March 2007. "


11/12/05: Bethany Clark has written a review of New Poets Ten for the University of South Australia’s online Creative Writing magazine Orrmulum. Of rob’s collection sparrow in an airport she says:

" Walker’s focus is on using graphic visual imagery to frame issues of beauty, injustice and need, and he is fearless in the issues he confronts. Captivity of both animals and humans is a strong theme, evidenced in ‘Hornbill in a cage’ … and ‘detention’… He creates a whole picture in his pieces, sometimes even employing the device of concrete poetry to visually structure his words, such as in ‘lean’ which is devoted to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While the subject matter can be thought of as global, Walker brings a personal insight to issues that have clearly had an impact on him during his travels. " Read the entire review here.


07/12/05: rob: " My poem The bird leaves its cage and enters another, which was inspired by Juan Garrido-Salgado and his collected poems has been accepted by Graeme Hetherington, (along with Love at the physio) for publication in Blue Giraffe #3. Juan liked the poem & wants to translate it into Spanish to try a few publications in Chile.. My first work to be translated into another language (…as far as I know!)"


06/12/05: Congratulations to Erica Jolly & Avalanche (aka Ivan Rehorek) who’ve been selected as co-editors for Friendly Street for 2006. They have the task of considering all poems performed & submitted at Friendly Street from Dec 2005 to Nov 2006, selecting work for South Australia’s ArtState magazine, Friendly Street’s Monthly website Featured Poem and editing the the 31st Reader which will be released in March 2007. Best of luck, Erica & Ivan- you’re two talented poets who will also make excellent editors…


01/12/05: one year ago: rob’s review of Tony Page’s poetry collection Gateway to the Sphinx published in Cordite Poetry Review.


27/11/05: the hard copy of Issue 31 of Famous Reporter was launched in Hobart today. It includes rob’s poem Persistence (dunes, perlubie beach.)


27/11/05: rob: "My 93 year-old great-aunt Ethel (whom I never met) passed away recently in a Sydney nursing home. Aunt Ethel was born in Melbourne, but later changed her name by deed-poll to distance herself from her wayward brother, Ern, and lived most of her life in the obscurity of Sydney’s western suburbs.
Amongst her few effects were a letter and a sonnet which were forwarded to me. I passed them on to David Prater and Liam Ferney of Cordite Poetry Review to assess the authenticity and value of the manuscripts. David and Liam were most impressed and have graciously published both letter and poem on their website. As it was untitled, they have attributed the arbitrary heading “Ethel Malley: Sonnet.”


20/11/05: rob’s poem Redback Spider (Male) appears in the latest anthology from the Wagga Wagga Writers Writers, fourW sixteen, which was launched by editor David Gilbey yesterday. rob: "Two thousand clicks is too long a trip in one day, so my lovely daughter Amy attended on my behalf. The collection will be relaunched in Sydney next weekend by Oz-icon Les Wicks."


14/11/05: rob: "After glancing through Les Murray’s selection for The Best Australian Poems 2005, I was also struck by the large number of poets who had their beginnings with Friendly Street…
Mary Bradley, Aidan Coleman, Tess Driver, Peter Goldsworthy, Jeff Guess, Linda Jordan ( aka Uphill), Mike Ladd, Helen Lindstrom, Kate Llewellyn, David Mortimer, Louise NIcholas, Jan Owen, Graham Rowlands (not to mention rob walker) have all been nurtured in the street that is Friendly. And Sarah Day, Suzanne Edgar and Chris Mansell have read there as Guests in the past year. Friendly Street must be doing something right!"


11/11/05: rob: "It was the evening of the 11 th of November, 1975. The day reformist Labor leader Gough Whitlam had his Prime Ministership revoked by an unelected   representative of the Monarch… It was also the hot Tuesday evening that Richard Tipping, Andrew Taylor, Ian Read and a few other poets had decided to have the inaugural reading of the “Friendly Street Poets” in a disused fireworks factory in Adelaide. It was a time of hippies and happenings, palls of smoke and pass-the-flagon. But it was a heterogeneous crowd which included the Chief Justice of South Australia Dr John Bray, men and women of all ages- the unemployed, students, the retired.

From these small beginnings grew Australia’s longest-running community poetry reading. Thirty years on Friendly Street still meets on the first Tuesday of the month. For $4 you get a drink, the opportunity to hear about three hours of poetry – and the right to add your name to the list of readers. There have been changes in those thirty years. Friendly Street has become a publisher. After the first year of Readings, the organisers decided to save for posterity the best of the year’s poems- and the Annual Friendly Street Reader was born. Later FS liaised with Wakefield Press to encourage unpublished poets through its “New Poets” and “Single Poet” series. Friendly Street welcomes Guest Readers from interstate and overseas. Its excellent website is often used by students all over the world as a portal to research Australian poets.

What keeps Friendly Street going strong is what hasn’t changed. There have been no restrictions on politics, poetic form or themes. If you’ve got the guts to get up and read your poem, you are welcome. And your work is eligible for the anthology. Some people come for years before they feel ready to write or perform, and others just come to hear the diVERSE. The beauty of a live reading is that the unexpected can – and will- happen. Jeri Kroll & Barry Westburg summed it up perfectly:

"The performance poet can read after the classicist, the high school student after the senior citizen. In its own egalitarian way, Friendly Street has become a vital community arts centre and a training ground for excellence." (Tuesday Night Live: Fifteen Years of Friendly Street ,1993)

Today we gathered in the State Library to celebrate the first thirty years. The list of Friendly Street “alumni” reads like a “who’s who” of Australian poetry. Andrew Taylor (who also helped to set up the South Australian Writers’ Centre, currently celebrating its 20th birthday) couldn’t come, but among those present were Mike Ladd, Jan Owen, Graham Rowlands, Jeri Kroll, Geoff Goodfellow, Erica Jolly, David Mortimer, Rory Harris, Graham Catt, Miriel Lenore, Ioana Petrescu, David Adés, Richard Tipping, Kate Deller- and Steve Evans, Louise Nicholas, Juan Garrido-Salgado, Kerryn Tredrea and Jude Aquilina and a lot more I’ve forgotten!

Hearing the anecdotes yesterday made me wistful that I wasn’t part of those early years-   but grateful to be part of this amazing group of creative people. I’ve only been associated with this institution for three years; in the first year my Chapman poem was selected for the Reader, in the second year my Clive James parody was chosen as a Featured Poem, my poems Jordy’s balloons and speech of parts were published in blur and my collection sparrow in an airport was accepted for New Poets. In this third year I’ve been co-editor for the 30 th Reader and speech of parts was picked up for Best Australian Poems 2005.

I already owe a lot to Friendly Street and hope I can put something back by encouraging and promoting future poets."
[See Gaet & Kerryn’s photos]


06/11/05: After listening to a particularly unenlightening interview with Australia’s Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, (in which he prefaced almost every sentence with "the fact is.." or "the reality is.."), I was moved to write my shortest poem ever. Advice to a politician was published on the UK website Snakeskin two years ago today. Politicians still seem to speak in a similar vein (vain?) today…


01/11/05: rob reads the best bloody cuntry in the world and at the michael bublé concert at Friendly Street Poets (live!) at the sa writers centre, Adelaide.


30/10/05: At last! Poetry’s place in the sun!
"Right now, there is a boom in poetry-writing in Australia, perhaps even a small golden age." (Les Murray)
Les is going to expand on this at an upcoming talk in Sydney where he’ll also read from the newly-released Best Australian Poems 2005


29/10/05: 5 new poems on Robert Lane‘s Oz poetry site malleable jangle


26/10/05: at the recent salisbury writers’ festival rob was awarded 3rd prize for his poem predated and commended for After The Big Day Out.

rob: "Once again I’d like to sincerely congratulate a local council for promoting poetry- and the arts in general. We now have two successful, regular decentralised Arts Festivals both north and south of Adelaide. I hope they continue to thrive and grow."


25/10/05: Spud, rob’s prose-poem tribute to his grandfather was first published in Issue 29 of the Southern Ocean Review magazine & website (NZ) exactly two years ago today.


20/10/05: The poem "A Villanelle on Certain Provisions in Relation to a Bill concerning Anti-Terrorism by the Hon. Phillip Ruddock" has been nominated* for Simply The Best Australian Poems – Ever (• nomination by rob walker…)


19/10/05: Exactly one year ago: Doug Poole‘s NZ poetsonline (BlackMailPress) is preparing a feature of rob’s recent poetic works in their upcoming BMP11- shorefishing at dusk, the myth of gravity, ashes, somewhere in northern italy, and counterpoint


17/10/05: "A lot of people are under the impression that Australia’s Attorney-General is a humorless, insensitive man. Nothing could be further from the Truth.. Just yesterday he sent me this sensitive outpouring of emotion and asked me to pass it on to my poetic friends:" – rob

A Villanelle on Certain Provisions in Relation to a Bill concerning Anti-Terrorism by the Hon. Phillip Ruddock

This legislation I most heartily endorse
Certain Persons are a risk to our Community.
These matters would be considered in due course..

Asylum seekers must be stemmed at Source

While other options there may well be
This legislation I most heartily endorse

The only point I’d make is..   Force
Is always justified for Border Security.
These matters would be considered in due course…

We are obliged to examine each legal resource
In regard to this, it seems to me
This legislation I most heartily endorse

I’ve repeated this on occasion till I’m hoarse
It’s not a matter I can discuss publicly.
These matters would be considered in due course…

This is not a matter for feelings of remorse
The appropriate committee will put its position undoubtedly.
This legislation I most heartily endorse.
These matters would be considered in due course…


10/10/05: one year today: limestone magazine (UK) accepts slater and Moths for publication.


7/10/05: two years ago today: rob reads Slater and That time of year at Friendly Street Poets (live!), Adelaide.(ok, I realise 2 years ago is stretching "what’s new" a tad, but nothing much is happening right now, OK? So just GIVE ME A BREAK!


06/10/05: There’s a great interview with fellow Adelaide poet Shen (aka Stan Sim) @ bernama.com, the Malaysian National News Agency. Shen writes with a unique eye for sensitive detail and I wish he was known more widely!


05/10/05: one year ago: rob reads old ma formby and jaimi runs to first, at Friendly Street Poets (live! ), Adelaide


03/10/05: Not the last breath…

"Around two years ago I had poems accepted for publication in The Breath . I was pretty excited by this. The Breath is a very funky Canadian electronic magazine which is a pioneer in promoting the arts using exceptional graphic design, I was to be in the company of some very well-regarded poets and it would be my first Canadian publication. To cut a long story short, Trecia Harley, (Dynamo and Editor) had a Baby Harley and matters much more important than poetry (namely Life!) intervened and the site fell into cyberlimboland about a year ago.

So it was a pleasant surprise when new editor-in-chief Amanda Greener emailed to let me know that the e-zine was about to be revamped & relaunched & was I still interested in having my poems published? (Answer: Yes!)

sparrow in an airport has since become the title-poem for my first collection (which also contained orange man .) microworld makes its debut in The Breath’s ezine section.

I wish The (new) Breath a long and happy life!"- rob


29/09/05: Redback spider (male) – a poem about about sex and spiders- has been accepted for edition 16 of fourW


24/09/05: rob: "it’s with great sadness that we mourn the death of fellow local poet Ray Stuart. Ray was a quiet man of character and sensitivity who led a rich life which included elements as diverse as soldiering, landscape design and writing. I’ve known his wife Heather since high-school, but only had the pleasure of knowing Ray for the last three years of his life. His second collection of poetry was to have been launched in Hobart this coming Thursday.

High Mountainous Country – No Reliable Information’ grew from Ray’s adventures and travels across Papua New Guinea as a young lieutenant with the Pacific Islands Regiment between 1961 and 1964. The title of Ray’s collection came from the annotation on blank areas of maps of the period which Ray said "in reflection was a good metaphor for PNG at that time, and for that matter for life in general."

I found myself sitting in the garden yesterday thinking of Ray while admiring the infinite range of shades of green– something with which I’ll always associate Ray’s sense of humour – and beauty.

My condolences to Heather and Ray’s family."


23/09/05: one year ago: Dead baby seal, Murray Mouth published on evasion website (NZ)


22//09/05: review of Friendly Street Poets’ Blur by Natasha Lester in JAS / api review of books (Curtin University) .


19/09/05: review of New Poets Ten by Debra Zott in Issue #37 of api review of books (Curtin University)


17/09/05: last night the wood-oven pizzas, fine wine, poetry and laughter flowed freely at Coriole Winery, McLaren Vale. Local poets Steve Evans, Louise Nicholas, Jude Aquilina and rob walker entertained a full house around the wood fire, each in their own unique style. The evening also gave winemaker Mark Lloyd a perfect opportunity to show off his Coriole Poet Series of wine, with inaugural poet Jude Aquilina‘s name and six short poems featured on the labels of an exceptional 2004 cabernet / barbera blend. Coriole and the City of Onkaparinga are both to be commended for their local support of the Arts in general and Poetry in particular!


15/09/05: one year ago: edinburgh and po valley marble chips accepted for Issue 16 of Dublin’s Electric Acorn

13/09/05: rob wins equal first (with John Carey from NSW) in Open Word: National Poetry Week Open Poetry Competition at the SA Writers Centre reading This had a brilliant title which i’ve forgotten and The Mouth.

rob: "Thanks to the organisers, judges, audience & sponsors NSW Poets Union & Friendly Street. It was a small turn-out on a wet night.. but, like Paul Kelly says- from little things, big things grow.."

06/09/05: rob reads The bird leaves its cage and enters another (for Juan Garrido-Salgado), hitting home (London bombings, 2005) and Scrotal ultrasound at Friendly Street Poets (live!), sawriters centre, Adelaide. "We were also treated to the intense & delicately-crafted work of Tasmanian guest-poet Sarah Day."


05/09/05: 5 poems on an edgy new (to me) website named OutOfOrder!!

This had a brilliant title which i’ve forgotten

On watching television Rugby

My Verona

Drama in Real Life

shucked as an oyster



04/09/05: rob: "Thanks to Mike Ladd & the poeticA crew for their excellent production of my poem ovine soliloquy, stonehenge on Radio National yesterday."


02/09/05: rob: "Les Murray has ‘made my day’ again by accepting Mitchell Park 2000 for Australia’s prestigious Quadrant Magazine. I was concerned (and told Les so in a letter) that he may have an "issue" with it as it has previously been published online on Warrick Wynne’s website Suburban Margins & Sandra Lynn Evans’ Positive Words. Les sent a postcard which said (in part) "Thank you for your extreme honesty"…"The only issue with Mitchell Park will be the one (of Quadrant) which it appears in!"


31/08/05: rob: "i just belatedly read Bob Briton’s review of Juan Garrido-Salgado’s new Collected Poems (see 11/08 below.) Check out the review and Juan’s beautiful collection…"


29/08/05: Details here for S A Writers’ Festival being run by the City of Onkaparinga & the South Australian Writers Centre. Huge variety of events to interest all tastes & ages- all cheap or free!!


27/08/05: One week to National Poetry Week


25/08/04: One year ago: 911 eve published in Australian Education Union Journal (SA edition.)


23/08/05: rob: "Got a very pleasant surprise in the old milk-can mailbox today- a handwritten note from Les Murray accepting my poem Speech of parts (from Blur) for this year’s Best Australian Poems anthology. Les wrote .."I was afraid no-one was going to cheer me up with puns this year. Good on you!"


22/08/05: My Life and Tupperware or "Have Poem Will Travel.." About three years ago I wrote a not particularly flattering poem about Tupperware. I sent it to a website called nasty under the title of "trouble coping". I was a little concerned that the Tupperware Corporation (or whatever it’s called) might object to the unauthorized use of their name (I included the © !! & we’re a little less litigious round these ‘ere parts..) Anyway, the poem also appeared on the Indie Journal website. Today I found a link to nasty on a TUPPERWARE site! The link is totally unauthorized by the poet! Look out, Tupperware. Expect some correspondence from my solicitors in the near future…



17/08/05: rob: " had an email from US essayist Scott Newstrom who said he’d recently come across my poem George Bush delivers Henry V’s Agincourt speech to a packed house in Baghdad & thought I might be interested in his essay on a similar theme. It’s a very well-researched article. I emailed back that I thought I’d been SO original & it seems that many others (both detractors & supporters) have had the same inspiration years ago. We won’t know if George W (I’m ashamed of the W!) draws any analogies until the Complete Works of William Shakespeare are released as a comic-book edition.. "


15/08/05: Sandra Lynn Evans has published rob’s mitchell park. 2000 in the August edition of Positive Words


13/08/05: poem Al Zheimer published in Australian Reader


12/08/05: The ABC’s poetry programme PoeticA will be featuring some of Tony Page’s mindblowing work from Gateway to the Sphinx as part of their celebration of National Science Week tomorrow. Tony writes amazing poems on the subjects of astronomy, evolution, chemistry, physics and the Big Bang.


11/08/05: rob: "It was a privilege to be present at the launch of Collected Poems by Juan Garrido-Salgado tonight at the SA Writers Centre. Juan is an inspiration. He was born in Chile and became a political prisoner under the Pinochet régime for the crime of speaking the truth. "Launcher", poet Erica Jolly gave a moving speech and we were left in no doubt that, despite torture, Juan is still a man of sensitivity and humanity. He was exiled to Adelaide around 1990. As "co-launcher" Graham Rowlands pointed out, had Juan arrived today under the Ruddock-Howard administration, he would probably be incarcerated in Baxter Detention Centre.

Juan has a unique voice. The poems employ beautifully expressive metaphors- even more humbling when you learn that he’s learnt English as a second language late in life. It’s an exceptional book of poems in both English and Spanish which deserves to be read widely."

08/08/05: POETS & PIZZA! rob: "I’m looking forward to performing some of my recent work at the Coriole Winery, McLaren Vale from 7pm on Sept 16 as part of the South Australian Writers’ Festival. l’ll be joined by SA poets (and friends!) Jude Aquilina, Steve Evans and Louise Nicholas. With wood-oven gourmet pizzas, fine wine & intelligent humour, it should be a great night! This is mainly aimed at locals, but poetry afficionados both interstate & overseas still have time to board a plane & participate!" Only A$30 for Poetry, Pizza and Wine. Book by phone (08) 8323 8305 or email: louise@coriole.com


06/08/05: one year ago.. rob’s review of Les Wicksbook of poetry "Stories of the feet" published in Cordite Poetry Review.

04/08/05: rob’s bush poem The Legend of the Blinman Blowie has received a commendation in the SA State Written Bush Poetry Championship section of The South Australian Stumpy Festival, 2005 to be held next weekend at Murray Bridge

02/08/04: (one year ago…) conned published on The Oracular Tree (US)

02/08/05: rob reads Making a preposition / on watching Big Brother, After The Big Day Out and On seeing a phallus painted on the side of a house in Bhutan at Friendly Street Poets (live!), sawriters centre, Adelaide.

21/07/05: Wandering , a poem about stones and pain, has been published in the (US) summer edition of Plum Ruby Review

17/07/05: one year ago… "rob attends the celebrations for the centenary of Pablo Neruda, (Chilean poet, Nobel Literature Prize, 1972) at the South Australian Folk Centre where he reads Neruda’s ode to a pair of socks and his own shorefishing at dusk."

12/07/05: last year’s apricots and bushfires has been re-published as part of Australian Reader’s “Readers’ Choice Retrospective.”

10/07/05: rob’s tribute to his late friend Bob Wild, ” Glory without power” has won Highly Commended in the Yellow Moon Poetry Competition and will appear in Yellow Moon #17 in August.

06/07/05: rob’s poem ovine soliloquy, stonehenge (from sparrow in an airport in New Poets Ten) will be read in the National Poetry Week feature on ABC’s poetry programme poeticA on Radio National (3.05 pm, Sat 3rd Sept , repeated 9.05 pm Thu 8th September 2005.)

05/07/05: rob reads Russian folk, A Beginner’s Guide to Postmodernism and Limit of maps at Friendly Street Poets (live!), sawriters centre, Adelaide.

03/07/05: balansa clover (an eco-poem) published on Stylus Poetry Journal (AUS)

rob’s poem Rock Paper Scissors published @ Australian Reader

flashback 2003. Four poems on David Barnes’ Numbat website-
wood cubed (a meditation on firewood.)
arc de triomphe

The Prisoner (thinking about Michelangelo & the rest us after seeing David in Florence) and
re: Mote Observer (musings in a Mall)

24/06/05: rob: "Back in 2000 & 2001 I had some of my first poems published "internationally" on Verian Thomas’ Comrades ezine (UK). This later led to Phone index being published in the inaugural COMRADES PRINT JOURNAL Vol. 1. (May, 03) and Buffalo Grass and Emmaus (Heads in the clouds) in a collection published by Verian simultaneously in the US & UK. It was called UNO – A Poetry Anthology. This was my first work in print outside of Australia. In 2001

I also entered a poem about Thelonious Monk in the Comrades Poetry Competition. It didn’t win, but I was very happy to achieve Runner-up…"


22/06/05: rob: "Ever seen those word fridge magnets that you can make poetry with? Now you can compose in a virtual world if you find yourself fridgeless or magnetless. The Melbourne Poets union has a great site where you can experiment yourself with a given random vocab (& upload your masterpiece if you think it’s worthy.) The challenge is to use as many of the provided words as possible- an interesting exercise in poetics- and surprisingly creative! Warning: this is even more addictive than pokies.. Here are a few of mine:"

to not wheeze gentle
Plagues Doth Predict Astronomy
Britney Chooses Between Career and Maternity

Oil [and a War on teRROR:::

The Seventh Millenium

the persistence of clouds



19/06/05: rob: " the rhythm guitarist from The Boomers has moved into the farm next-door. Welcome, Bill! This might be a good time to revisit The Boomers, Blackwood RSL first posted on Coral Hull’s Thylazine Poets for Peace  (AUS)  website in January last year… "

12/06/05: an eco-poem balansa clover has been accepted for the July issue of Stylus Poetry Journal

09/06/05: One year ago...cut-up/rearrange– an anagrammatic poem on the dissection of people and verse @ Plum Ruby Review

08/06/05: rob reads vocabulary of the beach v.3 and shall i compare thee? at Friendly Street Poets (live!), australia’s longest-running poetry community.

2/06/05: Flashback: old ma formby on Tryst last year

28/05/05: New poem added to the US ezine The Oracular Tree- George Bush delivers Henry V’s Agincourt speech to a packed house in Baghdad

27/05/05: PoemectomyHow to remove a poem.. and THE WEB, a sestina about the internet and Life, from the archives of Doug & Anja Poole’s Blackmail Press (nov 2002)

25/05/05: detention. Such a politically correct and value-neutral word. If this were Nazi Germany we’d call these centres concentration camps. Here are 3 poems on the subject written over the last four years: (click titles)


Rasa- boy in detention

Anthem for a New Australia

There are still 67 children in these so-called detention centres in Australia (or off its shore, in our name.) Meanwhile, Howard says mandatory detention is the reason he won the election in 2001. We should be so proud..


24/05/05: rob: " tonight I attended the agm of the South Australian Writers’ Centre & Elizabeth Mansutti’s Launch of the SA Writers’ Festival (which will take place Sept 8-18 in my own backyard- The City of Onkaparinga.) It promises to be an exciting ten days!"

22/05/05: pokies at the emu published on Australian Reader

18/05/05: The journey continues! Anthem for a New Australia now appears on the music site Am I right

16/05/05: another 2001 flashback from the archives of Poetry DownUnder: Koala2

13/05/05: flashback: Anthem for a New Australia.
rob: " it’s curious how far one comment or poem can travel. Today I googled this parody (written in anger in 2001) to see if it was still on the old Numbat site. It was. By chance i also found that it had also been printed in The Australian (published as “Australia unfair” 01/09/01) and reprinted in an essay "Australia and its current flow of illegal migrants and asylum seekers" in The Survival Guide to a Global World by a group of students from Flinders Uni four years ago! Pity the world hasn’t improved in that time.."

03/05/05: rob reads The Mouth at Friendly Street Poets (live! ), Adelaide

27/04/05: Poem honeycatacombs will appear in the July edition of Woorilla Magazine

23/04/05: Poem honeycatacombs given Commended award in Woorilla Poetry Prize 2005 (Open Section.)
Judith Rodriguez:
"This uses work on bee-hives to compare the rows of immature bees in the honeycomb with the dead in the Roman catacombs. It’s a complex comparison with interesting reflections on life and death."
(excerpt from judge’s comments)…"A lovely and rewardingly complex poem. I look forward to more!" (personal email, 26/04/05)

20/04/05: rob added to Friendly Street’s Gallery of Poets

20/04/05: visit to ACT Writers Centre (Canberra)

18/04/05: visit to Booranga Writers Centre (Wagga Wagga)

13/04/05: Persistence, dunes, Perlubie Beach has been accepted for issue 31 of Famous Reporter (upcoming June.)

05/04/05: As "guest reader" at Friendly Street Poets (live!) in Adelaide, rob reads a selection from sparrow in an airport (New Poets Ten)

2/04/05: Les Wicks (via email): "The Mouth" has that really clear, unforgiving contemporary voice applied to the Australian landscape which I think is one of the great directions the Australian poets have yet to fully explore."
rob: "Thanks, Les. Coming from you- one of Australia’s great contemporary poets- I’m humbled & flattered."

See the reviews of Les Wicks’ Stories of the feet by Ralph Wessman in Famous Reporter and rob in Cordite

30/03/05: New poems added to website: The Mouth, colin powell addresses the UN and from the archives, Bob Fox.

20/03/05: rob reads The Mouth at Poetry Unravelled, the awards ceremony for the City of Onkaparinga’s Poetry Unhinged Festival

18/03/05: New Poets Ten gets a guernsey on Carole Whitelock’s A Good Read programme (ABC radio 891.)

18/03/05: rob performs poem on the underground in the style of Mike Skinner ("The Streets") at the Singing Gallery, McLaren Vale as part of Onkaparinga City’s Poetry Unhinged Festival.

17/03/05: Poet Stephen Lawrence OPENED FRIENDLY STREET NEW POETS TEN (featuring the first collections of Libby Angel, Robert Bloomfield and rob walker) and PoeticA’s Mike Ladd LAUNCHED Blur: Friendly Street Poetry Reader 29 at the SA Writers’ Centre, Adelaide.

Amongst his selection, rob read Even as I speak, his "homage" to Clive James.. and colin powell addresses the UN, a poem about the most famous Powerpoint presentation in history.

11/03/05: The Mouth (a poem rob wrote about the desecration of the Murray River) has been published in Australia’s New England Review Issue #21.

2/03/05: rob: " I’d like to thank the kids and teachers at Mt Compass High and Tatachilla College for the two highly productive poetry workshops I conducted today. I appreciated the students’ openness and honesty in creating their own work."

1/03/05: rob reads L is for.. at Friendly Street Poets (live!) in Adelaide

21/02/05: NEW POETS TEN (featuring the first collections of Libby Angel, Robert Bloomfield and rob walker) and Blur: Friendly Street Poetry Reader 29 will be launched on Thursday March 17th at 6.30pm at the SA Writers’ Centre, 2nd Floor, 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA. Public welcome

01/02/05: rob reads bum cracks and Glory without Power at Friendly Street Poets (live!) in Adelaide

01/02/05: Poem Speech of parts and Jordy’s balloons have been selected by editors Shen and Amelia Walker (no relation!) for inclusion in Blur: Friendly Street’s 29 th Annual Reader (publication March, 2005).

18/01/05: Buffalo Grass   appears in The Australian Reader online

14/01/05: Apricots and Bushfires published in The Australian Reader online


04/01/05: rob’s hardcopy- published works archived in AustLit , The Resource for Australian Literature.

01/01/05: Hotel room published in tryst issue X-XI

01-22/1/05: On study tour of Northern India and Bhutan

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