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07/12/04: rob reads wild world, still – a poem about Yusef Islam (aka Cat Stevens) at Friendly Street Poets (live!) in Adelaide

01/12/04: rob‘s review of Tony Page‘s poetry collection Gateway to the Sphinx published in Cordite Poetry Review.

12/11/04:   The poem wow! has been published on The Oracular Tree (US)

04/11/04: Along with Libby Angel and Robert Bloomfield, rob has been selected for Friendly Street’s New Poets Ten, to be published by Wakefield Press in early 2005.

02/11/04: rob reads daddy longlegs and cockroaches at Friendly Street Poets (live!), Adelaide

01/11/04: rob and Louise Nicholas have been nominated as co-editors for the 30th Anniversary 2005 Friendly Street Reader anthology

24/10/04: Poems shorefishing at dusk, the myth of gravity, ashes, somewhere in northern italy, and counterpoint published in BMP11 (nzpoetsonline.)

19/10/04: Doug Poole’s NZ poetsonline (BlackMailPress) is preparing a feature of rob’s recent poetic works in their upcoming edition 11.

10/10/04: rob : “I feel very fortunate to have attended two dynamic poetry workshops run by Ron Pretty and Mike Ladd at the SA Writers’ Centre , Adelaide. I met some talented writers and gained inspiration to attempt new forms and ideas in my work..”

05/10/04: rob reads old ma formby and jaimi runs to first, at Friendly Street Poets (live! ), Adelaide

23/09/04: Dead baby seal, Murray Mouth published on NZ website evasion

15/09/04: edinburgh and po valley marble chips accepted for Issue 16 of Dublin’s Electric Acorn

07/09/04: rob ‘s review of Shadow Selves by Deb Matthews-Zott published in Cordite Poetry Review

07/09/04: rob reads Kingston Park/ Tjirbruki’s tears for the National Poetry Week celebrations at South Australian Writers’ Centre and George Bush delivers Henry V’s Agincourt speech to a  packed house in Baghdad and Lorem ipsum at Friendly Street Poets, Adelaide

25/08/04: 911 eve published in AEU Journal (AUS)

22/08/04: Warrick Wynne asks rob to include MitchellPark, 2000 (a poem on gentrification) on his Suburban Margins website

21/08/04: icthus , a poem about conducting a choir, will appear in the Sept/Oct edition of Stylus Poetry Journal (AUS)

06/08/04: rob’s review of Les Wicks’ book of poetry“Stories of the feet” published in Cordite Poetry Review.

03/08/04: the koan before the satori, advice to a politician and the truth about everything read on a cold, wet night at Friendly Street Poets, Adelaide.

02/08/04: conned published on The Oracular Tree (US).

: rob attends the celebrations for the centenary of Pablo Neruda, (Chilean poet, Nobel Literature Prize, 1972) at the South Australian Folk Centre where he reads Neruda’s ode to a pair of socks and his own shorefishing at dusk.

09/07/04: apricots and bushfires published on the The Oracular Tree. (US)

06/07/04: rob reads pokies at the emu , mitchell park, 2000 and love is blind at Friendly Street Poets, Adelaide

02/07/04: Glory Vine published on the The Oracular Tree. (US)

15/06/04: old ma formby published on Tryst (US)

10/06/04: Blue Dog: Australian Poetry accepts  eye, peeled  for inclusion in upcoming Vol 3, No 5

04/06/04: Poem jordy’s balloons Featured Poem on the Friendly Street Poets website

01/06/04: rob reads Colin Powell addresses the UN and speech of parts at Friendly Street  Poets, Adelaide

29/05/04: Clearview published on The Oracular Tree

26/05/04: Anagrammatic poem cut-up/ rearrange accepted by Plum Ruby Review (US) for publication in their June edition.

21/05/04: rob reads Albert’s Armistice at the Pablo Neruda Centenary celebrations at SA Writers’ Centre, Adelaide

18/05/04: Bull evaluation day accepted for June edition of Positive Words journal (AUS)

17/05/04: Persistence of Memory 3 & empty sockets 2 published on The Oracular Tree

10/05/04:  911 eve published on The Oracular Tree (US)

12/05/04: Festival of Young Voices published in AEU Journal (AUS)

4/05/04: rob reads Jordy’s balloons and pa’s epenthesis at Friendly Street Poets, Adelaide

18/04/04:  ‘Elgin’s’ Marbles poem of the week on Australian Poetic Society  website

15/04/04:  Bebop & eurostar, The Oracular Tree (US)

04/04: counterpoint published in AEU Journal

20/03/04: Jordy’s balloons & Blue Wren appear in The Oracular Tree  (US)

18/03/04: Anorexic depression, Moths, Slater, Advice to a politician, Bull evaluation day, re:Mote Observer, Arc de triomphe, wood3, &  assimilation, sixties style all added to Indie Journal website (US).

03/03/04:  heads in the clouds (the road to Emmaus) published in AEU Journal

15/03/04:  Even as I speak, (rob’shomage‘ to Clive James at Writers’ Week) is published as Featured Poem on the Friendly Street Poets website.

2/03/04: rob reads Even as I speak and Anorexic depression at FriendlyStreet  Poets, Adelaide

29/02/04: Launch of "Another Universe" FRIENDLY STREET POETS # 28 (Ed. Kate Deller-Evans & Steve Evans) at Writers’Week, Adelaide 2004 Festival of Arts, containing rob’spoem On first looking into Chapman’s fritz.

04/02/04: Rasa, boy in detention , anorexic depression,  blind conculsion ,from a novel, torn , poemectomy & the mouse and the snail  all on The Oracular Tree (US).

3/02/04: rob reads Hornbill in a cage and This is your life at Friendly Street Poets, Adelaide

07/01/04: The Boomers, Blackwood RSL posted on Coral Hull’s Thylazine Poets for Peace  (AUS)  website

05/01/04: Chester Mourning in Sidereality  ezine (US) 03/03/04

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