mascara the third

sara2I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday on the West Coast (of Honshu) to find that the third edition of the Australian/Asian poetry journal Mascara is now online. It includes three of mine – cello, Danny in detention and The koan before the satori. I share this high-quality publication with poets Thanh Thao, Diane Fahey, Papa Osumbal, Bonny Cassidy, Ian Irvine, Lorne Johnson, Maria Freij, Mark Tredinnick, Philip Hammial, Sam Byfield, Sue King-Smith, Arlene Ang, Vivienne Glance, Greg McLaren, Jill Chan, Lou Smith, Mario Licón Cabrera, Marcelle Freiman, Sherryl Clark, Terry McArthur and Andrew Slattery and reviewers/ essayists Michelle Cahill, Boey Kim Cheng, Peter Boyle and Paul Sharrad.Thanks to the editors for selecting and publishing my work.

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