NaPoWriMo Day 28: reaching for the stars…


reaching for the stars in the

lower socio-economic suburbs


we sing the clichés like a mantra. climb every mountain higher /follow your heart’s desire / and when that rainbow’s shining over you  /

that’s when your dreams will all come true.

it’s the new secular catechism but when dad’s in jail and mum’s on drugs life’s too overcast for rainbows / mountains are overwhelming and it’s easier to just sit there and let the others climb in a life when options are limited you can only assert yourself by passive resistance. let the others climb. you can’t make me move. i’ll just sit here like fat buddha. let the mountain come to mohammed. you can’t make me do anything. let them reach for the stars. my life is mostly cloudy with a strong chance of rain and i can’t even see your stupid stars.

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