an accident waiting to happen in 2014

The Stars Like Sand is an anthology of Australian speculative poetry (science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres) to be published next year. The collection will include both new and previously-published work. I’m especially interested because it will contain my poem an accident waiting to happen.

Accident has been particularly kind to me. I first performed it live with Max_Mo (one of our better collaborations in my humble opinion.)

It was first text-published in Red River Review (US) in Nov 2012 as the first part of a longer sequence Original clichés and later recommended for a Best of The Net award.

Earlier this year I mixed my own version of it with kara square  and it was also reinterpreted in a Dadaist version under the title The Uncertainty of Principles as Principle of Certainty about unknown Unknowns by annabloom

I’m very proud that the poem has now been collected for an inaugural Australian anthology.


The Stars Like Sand will be published by leading Australian poetry publisher IP (Interactive Publications) of Brisbane.

Thanks to the editors New Zealand poet Tim Jones and Australian poet P. S. Cottier. for considering and selecting my work.

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