I first saw π.o. (pronounced Pio) at the salt on the tongue Australian Poetry Festival at Goolwa in April, 2010. Then we spoke at the Rabbit launch in Melbourne.

π.o.  generously gave me a copy of the magazine/ journal he edits called Unusual Work and invited me to submit. I was really impressed with the experimental/ alternative work in it and the fact that it was an unashamedly old-school print publication. (They avoid the internet and don’t even accept email submissions – something else unusual.)

In subsequent months π.o. accepted two of my poems; Accents (a poem about my fascination with diacritical marks) and If I were a subjunctive clause (a love song for a grammar teacher based loosely on a 60s folk song and written when I was in Japan in 2012.) I’ve performed it as a song live with ukulele at a couple of poetry gigs in Adelaide. There’s an audio version  on ccmixter.

You can only see the print version in Issue #14 (ISSN 1832-5009) of UNUSUAL WORK. Please consider subscribing. Small presses are keeping poetry alive. It’s available for a mere A$10 a copy from
collective effort press

PO Box 2430
GPO Melbourne
Vic, Australia 3001.

I share publication with Graeme Drendel, Peter Murphy, Kevin Gillam, Gemma White, Arjun Von Craemmerer, Zeb Durant, ACR, Sean O’Callaghan, Sue Elennell, Jeltje, Albert Rotstein, Ross Jackson, Jan Napier, Sjaak de Jong, Les Wicks, Sandy Caldow, Thalia, Marty Hiatt, Robbie Coburn and π.o. himself. There are two more poems – Same and Remember) erroneously attributed to me. I’d be happy to take credit for them but it means that some other poet out there isn’t being acknowledged for her/his great work.


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