a mere moving pinpoint

A few years back I was sitting in a conference centre in Goolwa, South Australia. A vast window pane looks onto Lake Alexandrina. I was thinking about a poem I’d just heard by Alex Skovron and another I’d read a few days earlier by Les Murray. Both were about the nature of time. The grey sky and lake were almost featureless until I saw a distant bird (possibly a very high pelican or lower-flying duck – difficult to say since it was just a dot.) Suddenly it seemed to me that this was the perfect trope for time itself; the infinite past and future and the present as an ever-moving point. A kind of geometrical representation of the fleeting nature of “now.”    It’s a brief poem, but particularly dense. I named it “present.”

Now my ccmixter-colleague speck (ironic, desu ne?) has remixed the poem with the help of a constellation of talent:

speck – production

panu moon – bass, percussion, guitar and piano
Deb Matthews_Zott (aka debbizo)  – synths and guitar
robwalkerpoet – vocal, shakuhachi
CSoul – cello, strings
@nop – bass, beat
KungFu – percussion
IDzeroNo – vocal.

Thanks speck and everyone else for this reinterpretation of “present.”
(Click on the title beneath to hear it.)

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