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I’ve been informed by Black Inc that my poem ‘crying at the poetry reading’, published in Red River Review in November 2011, has been selected by John Tranter for The Best Australian Poems 2012.


Thank you so much for informing me.  My publisher and I will be sending out promo info. for Rob and I hope that will lead to sales for your publication.  We had nominated that same poem for a Best of the Net Award.  Australia seems to turn out some amazing poets.  Thank you again.


Michelle Hartman


Red River Review



Michelle Hartman


1:20 AM (5 hours ago)

to me




I just got word about Best Australian Poetry 2012.  I called RRR publisher and he’s jumping up and down.  We’re putting out promo stuff.  You totally rock.  I simply do not have the adjectives to tell you how fantastic this is.  Great good luck to you – your career just took off.


Michelle Hartman

Editor – Red River Review



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