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I Ain’t, I Ain’t a Cup by KungFuFrijters

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A cup

is always weakest at the handle

A cup is not a bouncing ball

A cup is a physically handicapped teapot


A cup is not the best seat in the house

A cup is half a bra

A cup is not an anorexic toilet bowl


A cup is an upwardly mobile mug

A cup is not prepared to take the rap

about that slip

twixt it

and the lip


A cup is the runt of the Crockery Family

A cup is not considering elopement with the dish (or the spoon)


A cup is far from happy when it runneth over

A cup is not enough for the caffeine addict.


A cup is a glass      unclear

of its purpose



© rob walker 2011



First published in Illya’s Honey (US)

Dallas Poets Community

Vol 18, No. 2 ISSN 1527-7798

(Spring/ Summer 2012)

Thanks ccmixter, Kung Fu and featured artists Speck, mikhalt, Puie and squidfeatures for your creative input.


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