I spoke earlier about the Bimblebox Nature Reserve


and the massive community response to Clive Palmer’s determination to “move” (i. e. destroy) the sanctuary  to mine the coal beneath it.

One response has been the Bimblebox Art Project.

We’re fortunate that this exhibition is soon to seen at the Flinders Gallery in the South Australian State Library.

Another was the 153 birds project which asked 153 writers and poets to respond to every bird in the list. I’ve volunteered for this one.

Another project “Coalface” (curated by Alison Clouston & Boyd) has used 153 musicians to recreate the calls of these birds using a wonderful range of musical instruments. Listen HERE. I was also pleased to be part of this one.


It’s very gratifying to see so many Australian artists – and kids in schools – giving of their time and talent to this very worthy cause.


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