Australian Poetry gives me The Finger.

A couple of years ago I very stupidly almost severed a couple of my fingers when I rolled my ride-on tractor mower. Being a writer, I wrote about it. The poem was called The Finger, later renamed as Why I missed Mike Ladd’s 50th birthday party, which Australian Poetry has just published in its first members’ anthology, Metabolism.

Metabolism is a pretty good representation of contemporary Australian poetry, I reckon, with work by Tim Thorne, Sue Clennell, Ian Gibbins, Ian C Smith, Angela Smith, Gillian Telford, D J Dowsett, Susan Fielding, Emilie Collyer, Susan Bradley Smith, Patricia Sykes, Rachael Mead, Graham Nunn, Anne Kellas, Ron Pretty, Dimitra Harvey, Brenda Saunders, Neville Andersen, Eve Gray, P S Cottier, Kate Waterhouse, Les Wicks, Graham Kershaw, Margaret Bradstock, Anne M Carson, Connie Barber, Shari Kocher Campbell, David Falcon, teri louise Kelly, Liz Robinson, Warwick Wynne, Sarah Rice, Georgina Wyatt, Joan Kerr, Andy Kissane, Judith Rodriguez, Tricia Dearborn, Jill Gloyne, Ron Heard, Paul Hetherington, Sue Ogle, John Stokes, Jeanette Swan, Maureen O’Shaughnessy, Simon Hanson, Benjamin Dodds, Barbara Orlowska-Westwood, Pam Schindler, Fran Graham and Jennifer Mackenzie. I know I always say this – and it probably sounds like lip-service – but I truly am honoured to be in such company. Thanks to the many hours of work by editors David Adès, Vanessa Jones, ‘Danny’ Charles Lovecraft, Tim Metcalf, John Pfitzner, Heather Taylor Johnson, Susie Utting, Lyn Vellins and Libby Hart.

Once again, thanks for publishing my work.

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