Interesting that my first attempt at erotic fiction should appear in a collection titled Between the Sheets. There isn’t a sheet in sight in my short story and I deliberately made it non-porn and non-romantic. It’s a sad tale about a future time when sex is almost obsolete, relegated to an impersonal mechanical or chemical process – hardly erotic!

I wanted to produce a story that was stirring, thought-provoking but not sleazy.

The result was Correction which didn’t neatly fit into the genres of science fiction, speculative fiction or erotica, so I’m very pleased that David Vernon of Stringybark Stories has selected it for inclusion in his downloadable ‘editor’s selection.’


These e-collections are normally available for US$1.99, but since you’re a loyal reader of this blog, you can get a further 33% off (by entering the coupon code QR99L). This brings it down to US$1.33 – a ridiculous AUS$1.23 for eighteen stories!


Please note that this offer expires on March 29.


If e-sales are good there’ll be a print-run later.


Key in your coupon HERE.

And thankyou David Vernon for supporting my work.

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