two faces have i

The Roman god Janus had two faces – one looking to the past and one to the future. I used this theme to write a poem about the power of self-talk in my life. The poem’s just won the Open section of Open Your Mind, the SA Mental Health Coalition’s poetry competition for Mental Health Week. The prize was a beautiful abstract painting by Sue Morrizi which has my poem forming part of the image. (The title is stolen from the 1963 Lou Christie hit!)
Thanks to the Coalition for my prize, but more especially for the work that it does for people coping with mental health issues and the many programs and events which help to destigmatise the whole mental health area.
The poem can be read a number of ways – choose you own way…





                                    two faces  have i
he lives in my skull                                         this two-faced Janus.
Self-Doubt.                                                         Self-Talk.
you’ve failed.                                                   you can improve.                                
Irrational                                                          Rational
you’re worthless.                                            you’re a good person.
this eternal conversation          between           two faces in my head.
one looks to the past                                        one to the future.
i’m not good enough                                       look what I’ve achieved.                      .
i’m an imposter.                                              celebrate success!                              
                                 Give yourself credit.
                                May the best man win.

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