poem on the underground

undergroundA poem I originally wrote in London will be aired on ABC’s poeticA programme next week. poem on the underground began life as a visual poem after my visit to the UK amidst the hysteria surrounding WMDs before the invasion of Iraq. In retrospect it was disturbingly prophetic. However, I didn’t feel the printed poem on the page ever really captured the feeling of paranoia I had at the time. Later I adapted some music that my son Ben  had composed and performed it live at a poetry performance competition at McLaren Vale using a really bad impersonation of the voice of Mike “The Streets” Skinner. (I didn’t win!) Mike Ladd happened to be there and after the show he suggested I record it. I did. (on GarageBand in my study at Cherry Gardens!) and it later appeared on the CD  Going Down Swinging #23.The track will be aired as part of poeticA’s programme titled Audio/ File / Poets / #8 next Saturday August 23 (3pm) and repeated Thursday August 28 at the same time. The programme also includes recorded work by US & Oz poets Les Barker, Emilie Zoey Baker, Hydropods, Anna Glynn, Barbara de Franceschi, David McCooey, Steve Smart, Edwin Torres,  Aheadahead and Cameron M Semmons. It’s also available as audio-streaming on the ABC’s website.

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