at last, the aidan coleman review…

avenues“Walking the streets of Richmond and Netley as kids we saw no irony in Avenues devoid of trees; nothing unusual in the fact that all roads stopped at the edge of an aerodrome or that West Beach Road didn’t actually go to West Beach any more… The landing lights on the cover of Avenues & Runways bring it all back – 727s (“they leave the noise behind”) skimming the last roofs, the chattering china in the cabinet, the electric crackle in the air above your head.The airport is the metaphor that inspires the collection. The airport is a black hole in a city viewed from The Hills, a “missing suburb.”  MORE  I wrote this review of Aidan Coleman’s Avenues & Runways more than a year ago. Due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances, it’s only just seen the light of day on Maggie Ball’s Compulsive Reader site. Ah well, better late than never. It’s a brilliant collection and it deserves a plug.


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