Dry splashes of words.

This one began life years ago with a project (from Melbourne? Please let me know if you remember it) called Fridge Poetry which was an online version of the word-fridge-magnets which were popular more than ten years ago. There was a collection of maybe a dozen random words which you could manipulate/ rearrange to create your own poem. I created “to wheeze, not gentle” (possibly an homage / rip-off? of Dylan Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that dark night”, probably the world’s best-known villanelle. It became to not wheeze gentle and was published in phobiaphobia (Picaro Press, 2007.)
After uploading an audio version to ccMixter, speck made it even more surreal by using a 1970s phonorgan that he picked up at a flea market for $8! I found a photo of a pretty sophisticated early (70s) French synth and emailed Speck to check if it was the same as his. He replied “Nah. Mine’s not nearly so sophisticated. It’s just a cheap kids toy. This is what I have, except mine’s red and says phonorgan where this one says phono organ.” The photo speaks for itself…

There is something very dadaesque in both the poem and the background story. Couldn’t be more random if we tried!


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