gm food


gm food

Ambient corn

born at mince

be torn manic

Bent in macro.

Can it be norm?

Can men orbit?

I can’t rob men

met in carbon,


© rob walker 2010

Another one of my anagrammatic poems. It was accepted for the forthcoming Divan 8 at the beginning of 2010 but there seems to be a funding problem so I’m sure Earl won’t mind if I air it on my own website before it passes its use-by date.

While I don’t have any particularly doctrinaire views for or against genetically modified food, the subject has long interested me. The ethical possibilities of this science-in-infancy are obvious, from the Light side of drought-resistant plant genes to feed the world to the Dark side of companies owning exclusive rights. GM animals with synthetic versions of natural microbes in their rumens soon available!

Meanwhile I went through a stage of being obsessed with anagrams. The relatively new word ‘recombinant’ interests me (see vocabulary of the beach), so I explored its permutations. Serendipity! Ambient corn, bent in macro and met in carbon seemed prophetic. The rest just fell into place…

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