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“For my late friend” was published in Short and Twisted (Celapene Press) last year.

for my late friend


i’m weary of the euphemisms

friends keep saying you’ve passed

like it was a test


meanwhile most of you went up in flames

and we’re all breathing in your molecules

on a daily basis


our conversations       and your smiles

exist only                         in my synapses.

you were always punctual


so why do they keep calling you late?

let’s face it        you’re never going

to get here





Two audio versions of My late friend:

For my late friend

rob walker: spoken word / production

music: Gurdonark


Late friend

Stefan Kartenberg – bass and beats

Admiral Bob – beats, guitar and rhodes

billraydrums – drums

Andrew Wainwright – piano, strings and horn

Aussens@iter – guitar

robwalkerpoet – spoken word

speck – production



As always, thanks fellow collaborators and



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