Blood oath

Magdalena Ball and I worked on this multimedia poem over a year ago to enter it in a competition where it would be part of a big medical symposium in London and Australia. It didn’t win, but we persevered and it’s just been published on Verity La.

Thanks Maggie for another excellent collaboration. My appreciation to Martyn Bloor (“airtone”), UK, and Melody Elwell Romancito (“Calling Sister Midnight”), US for permission to use their music.


Blood Oath


I want red on my lips

maroon, black, boiling

at this range of cold

only the full mammalian will do

structures of subordination inflame

the blood vessels

destroying my haemoglobin

blood everywhere and not enough

this tender body trying, failing


the protective instinct gone haywire.


Blood wages war with itself,

blood blinds, the burden of blood

finding the wrong/right blood type

at the point of transfusion

the place or point of origin   from which

towards which

the matrix                                in motion.


Greatest circulating library of all –

the underground

all tube stations connecting in a loop

going with the flow

passing through all stops not stopping

collecting passengers     and dropping

(the inspired and expired)

most liquid of connective tissues

resealing leaks           tracks of iron

simultaneous wave and particle


like light





(a collaboration by Magdalena Ball and Rob Walker, © 2016)

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