lost in trainstation…

“I have been listening to the train-driver for the name of my station, Shirahama. I’ve forgotten how many stops it is from Himeji. The station names come up in his unintelligible spiel as little lifeboats in a sea of incomprehension. Blah blah blah shikama blah blah blah mega blah blah blah…

It must be soon. I look outside, industrial mixed with domestic, and it all begins to have a déjà-vu feel. I know the school is close because of the smoke and steam pouring out of the smoke stacks I see in the distance every day from my other school…” (excerpt)


It’s nice to see more of my short stories being recognised. This memoir piece began in 2008 but has only now been published.

Last year I entered it in the Lane Cove Literary Award in the “Travel Story” category. It didn’t win, but as a short-listed story it was included in this excellent anthology.

Thanks to the Lane Cove Library for promoting unpublished work!

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