Worlds in Words

Last Monday saw the launch of Friendly Street’s 41st annual anthology Worlds in Words, edited by Edie Eicas and David Harris. Congratulations to the editors and all published poets – particularly those published for the first time. I list them all here because poets don’t get enough recognition:

Maeve Archibald, Martin Christmas, Graham Rowlands, Elizabeth Salna, Sara Abend-Sims, Murray Alfredson, Karl H Cameron-Jackson, Margaret Fensom, Margaret Clark, Edie Eicas, David Mortimer, Graeme Moyse, Nigel Ford, Barbara Preston, Valerie Volk, Michelle Lee Davis, Rory Harris, Kalicharan N Dey, Kerry Harte, Nezy Musicarro, Susan O’Brien, Suzanne Reece, Rosemary Winderlich, David Harris, Pat Lee, David Mortimer, Chris Miller, Kate Bristow, Darrell Coggins, David Cookson, Geoff Hastwell, Roger Higgins, Khalil Jureidini, Gordon McPherson, Avalanche, Ros Schulz, Alice Shore, Don Anderson, David Bailes, David Barker, Elaine Barker, Joan Chinnery, Dawn Colsey, Sue Cook, Veronica Cookson, Judy Dally, Steve Evans, Milly Halsey, Cary Hamlyn, Geoff Johnston, Betty Ann Kaeding, Max Merckenschlager, Jacqui Merckenschlager, Bernard Whimpress, Athena Zaknic, Lynette Zander, Sharon Foulkes, Bruce Greenhalgh, Pat Lee, Christine Polley, Mark Ritchie, A M Sladdin, Maria Vouis, John Malone, Erica Jolly, Louise Nicholas, Rob Ferris, and Jules Leigh Koch.

My special congratulations to Cary Hamlyn for being awarded the Satura Prize for her poem Ultrasound in B-Flat and Inez Marrasso who was awarded the Nova Prize for No Boundaries.

My poems crabbing from James Well to Rogues Point and Lines written on the train between Himeji and Shirohamanomiya also appear in the reader. Thanks Edie and David – as a former co-editor I know how much energy and time goes into this labour of love…

Listen to Edie & David’s Radio Adelaide interview HERE.

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