my friendly reading

Thanks to the internet and Gaetano Aiello, I’m still able to “perform” my poems at Friendly Street’s monthly readings. Last Tuesday Gaet read my japanese lessons on the bullet train and Inscrutable. Looking back at the archives, I see that I performed A Beginner’s Guide to Postmodernism and Vocabulary of the beach at the 2006 February meeting and leaving school at lunchtime, galahs and A Villanelle on Certain Provisions in Relation to a Bill concerning Anti-Terrorism by the Hon. Phillip Ruddock  at the o7 February meeting. I eventually wrote music to accompany leaving school and it was released on the CD Going Down Swinging #25 . The others were published in micromacro. What a great thing it is that Ruddock and his undemocratic ilk have been banished to the backbenches… 

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