horses of childhood



Some days the old horse had a nosebag full of chaff. When she didn’t, she would wait out the front cropping grass at the base of the wooden telegraph pole near our driveway, plopping steaming turds the size of tennis balls, the colour of Keen’s mustard.


I haven’t written a lot of poems about my early years, but this suite Horses of Childhood has just been published in LiNQ journal’s latest volume Place, Past & Perspective.

There may be other Adelaide people as old as me who still remember horse-drawn Breadcarts, milkies and Parr the Rabbit-o. It was indeed a very different world – and certainly not one of privation…

It’s always an honour to share publication with a lot of talented writers, including poet-buddies Les Wicks and Jackson. Thanks LiNQ for publishing my work.

Read the poems HERE.

Photo: Nanette Mazey (from Adelaide Remember When)

Photo: Nanette Mazey (from Adelaide Remember When)


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