NaPoWriMo Day 15: from the list of children

I guess this began as a reflection on the thousands of kids I met over many years of teaching…

fromthe list of children

…from the list of children…


< those who despite years of parental bubble-wrap will hurt themselves on sharp edges


< those who learn to use their smile as a self-serving weapon


< those who are never remembered or soon forgotten through their limited intelligence and dull compliance


< those who challenge too often, push envelopes, stress teachers and become great successes


< those with overbearing violent fathers who will be submissive for twenty years before unexpectedly murdering someone


< those passive resistors who expend more

energy avoiding work

than work itself


< those who decide their future aged five,

quietly and doggedly achieve it


< the child with uncontrollable rage who is patiently and firmly guided to succeed


< the child not remembered for brilliance or inspiration

who will one day change the world



One thought on “NaPoWriMo Day 15: from the list of children

  1. Very honest poem Rob. And having done a bit of football coaching (round ball) and cricket coaching at my son’s school, I can identify most of them.

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